• Assalamualaikum. 

    Baca: Tribute Cory Monteith 

    Baru selesai tengok Glee special tribute eps : The Quarterback. Gotta be honest, sebak tu ada *sounds funny, tapi last2 tu menitis jugaklah air mata (dat is because I inserted some of my sad moments dalam memory, so tears tu, shed like waterfall). So, tak nak cakap byk, here are my personal favorite 10 eye-bawling moments utk eps kali ni. :'( 

    1.  The New Directions, Old and New, performing Seasons of Love.

    2. The all-time favorite Glee title, when the L was altered with a man-waving figure. Guessing it was Cory's. 

    3. Amber Riley/Mercedes belt her lungs out singing I'll Stand By You. :'( 

    4. Kurt, Burt, and Carole loading empty boxes with Finn's stuffs, when Kurt hold on to Finn's Letterman Jacket, and Burt wanted to keep the lamp. 

    This scene right here is one of my favorite eye-bawling moment. When Carole starts hyperventilating, and she just can't hold herself together, she breaks down badly it makes me cried my eyes out. Dgn rajinnya aku salin skrip Carole utk scene ni, simply because I thought, Carole has brought the house down. Ultimately, viewers review I read so far, penonton start menangis time ni.

    So, here's the script:

    I always thought when I...how parents going on when they lose a child? Y'know when I see those stuff on the news I shut it off cause it was just too horrible to think. But I would always think... how do they wake up everyday? I mean I..I..how do they breath honey?
    But you do wake up. and for just a second, you forget, and then, I re-remember and it's like getting that call again and again, everytime...you don't get to stop waking up, you have to keep on being a parent, even tho you don't get to have a child anymore.

    Gold! I felt the heart-wrenching emotion Carole's trying to deliver, and she succeeded. 
    They hugged it out.  
    5. Coach Beiste and Puck swap emotions, and agreed to have at least Finn's number in the locker room to let the school kids know who Finn was. I skipped the performance from Sam and Artie, cause it doesn't really touches my sad-sense. And down to number..

    6. Santana beautiful voice singing If I Die Young. She didn't finished the song not because she don't want to, but she's not capable doing so as she was struggling to hold her emotions together. Eventually, she broke down, and ran to the auditorium. 
    'Glee' - 'The Quarterback'
    'Glee' - 'The Quarterback'
    Her 'full' performance of If I Die Young. 

    7. Santana and Kurt time alone. She tells Kurt of the nicest thing she wanted to tell in front of the whole club, but she chickened out. Kurt wrapped Finn's Letterman Jacket around Santana right after she politely asked him to leave her alone. :'(

    8. Puck's powerful emotion during No Surrender performance, and..Sue's confession. She said dat she would see herself and Finn in thirty years time, teaching in the same school, and that he has so much potential. 

    9. Ms. Lea Michele EFFORTLESSLY TOPPED the emotional performance of Make You Feel My Love. :'( nangis lagi. Seriously, semua orang pun voted out, that this is by far Lea's most emotional performance in Glee. Respect her, singing this song, bout not only on-set couple, but real-life couple, her other half, who is now dead, and have to bring back the memories on set. Even the crew are having hard times shooting this eps. 
    Again, they hugged it out, after Puck replant the memorial tree for Finn. 
    10. And, the eps ended with AT LAST! Mr. Schue's crying while holding dearly to the Letterman Jacket and Emma's calming him down. *dua2 nangis teruk kut. Make it three, cause I nangis jugak!

    All and all, this is one of the very memorable and yet emotional eps Glee have ever made. Other than, Night of Neglect, and Funeral in Season 2, On My Way and Goodbye in Season 3, and of course, Break Up and Shooting Star in Season 4. Trust me, all of this eps are so much closer to heart if you watch them repeatedly. Like I did. 

    I would say, eventho I don't even know Cory personally, but his character resolves around Glee, and I've been following the show since day 1, and more or less of it, I do felt his existence. *sob2. R.I.P Cory. 

    Good Job Glee Casts and Crew for the beautiful eps. :') thumbs up. 
    The 10 Most Heartbreaking Moments on Glee's Farewell to Cory Monteith eps : The Quarterback
    Some photos credit to : Socialitelife.com 

    Sorry the vids and the pics and the words are here and there, messy kan? Maaf ya. 
  • Assalamualaikum warahmatullah hiwabarakatuh. Bismillah.

    So, semalam 16 Oktober 2013 (Rabu) ialah hari yang istimewa utk org yg istimewa dalam hidup aku. Plus, semalam jugak merupakan hari yg agak chaotic utk kitorang satu family. Sebelum aku citer pasal yesterday being the special day for the special someone of mine, biar aku citer apa yg chaotic tu dulu ok. 

    Around 2.30 in the evening, my abah got a call from my cousin, saying dat Opah was unconscious and she won't respond to people calling out her name. So, kat situ je dah agak panik. Abah dgn mak and me, sprinted ke rumah Opah *literally, cause rumah Opah lorong depan je. Time sampai tu, bila tengok condition Opah yang menggigil kesejukkan, plus her whole body macam cramped, risau jugak. My parents tried urut sikit2, then Abah suruh Kak Farah dtg rumah Opah. *my Kak Farah studied Allied Health & Nursing course. :) Lucky we have her around. 

    My cousins got back home, she had to take Emergency Leave, bolted into the house, duduk sebelah Opah, panggil nama Opah multiple times, terus menangis sebelah Opah, ouh...dat girl, she's just my cousin. Emosi seorang perempuan. (==') totally understand. While waiting for Mak Su's arrival, Kak Farah yang datang terus buat first-aid check up. Loosen Opah's cloths, cek nadi, lap2 badan Opah, n stuff nurses do a lot. Kitorang yg lain ni jot down notes dlm otak je, supaya lebih peka next time around. 

    Long story short, some nursing job were done by Kak Farah, my cousin and I. Opah regain consciousness shortly after, and I sat down utk tengok Opah betul2 recover selepas she literally just let everything out *yknowwadaimean. It was heart-breaking jugak tengok Opah cramped all over, tak sahut org panggil etc, sbb it never happen before. 

    All n all, everything went fine, thanks to my Kak Farah, she's outsmart all of us dlm hal2 mcm ni, which I respect her to the max, sbb dia je yg akan letak LOGIC first, then bertindak mengikut arahan bila semua org dah panik, I don't say semua orang panik in this case, everyone loses their mind, NO!, kitorang cuma tak tahu nak buat apa dulu, how and what, and what and how.

    So, pengajarannya utk korang2 kat luar sana, if y'guys didn't happen to have any nurse around, or any of ur family members yg take nursing course/med/anything yg berkaitan dgn allied health, DO A LOT OF READING berkaitan first-aid yg practically, korang boleh buat sendiri time nobody's around. Mcm, check nadi, breathing/choking, basic bandage/asas balutan, CPR! Penting hokay! Jgn nak duk pk comolot orang je keje, and lot of other basic stuff. At least, korang boleh cegah beberapa isu serius sebelum jadi serius. Fikir secara bijak ya kawan2. :) 

    Baiklah, done with dat. Sorrylah korang kena dengar aku membebel pasal THE NEED TO LEARN BASIC OF FIRST-AID. Oritey..movin on. Tentang dat special someone. :) 

    Orang itu ialah MAK SAYA! And the very yesterday was HER BIRTHDAY! hehe..
    Ajar saya senyum, ajar saya sayang, ajar saya rindu, ajar saya cinta. Ajar saya hidup, ajar saya Islam, ajar saya jadi Anasyg ;) 
    So, aku ada update satu status kat fb late morning semalam, of how grateful I am to have her as my mother. Loving2 mother. Sekarang, nak bebel panjang2 lagi kat blog. Cause y'know, blog can hold a lot more words than fb's status. 

    Aku dah pernah tulis acknowledgement letter to both my parents, tapi itu fasal my study, ini khas untuk birthday my Mom. Twas her 61st birthday, woot2. As I said before, and I'm just gonna keep saying it, SHE IS BY FAR THE MOST (*put any compliments here) THAT I'VE EVER MET. THE MOST LOVABLE, THE MOST PERFECT, THE MOST PATIENCE, THE MOST YOU NAME IT. hehe..

    Mak has been our Mak for 61 years now, she taught us every single life lesson that she can share. How to cook, how to sew, how to wash, how to make things, fix things, and tonnes and dozens of things yg tak tersenarai dek jemariku yang comel ni, sbb tak terbilang. :) I have six siblings with me, and each of us have our own favorite dishes, and of course my abah pun ada his favorite food. Nonetheless, mak pandai masak semua makanan kegemaran kitorang. sob2 terharu. I'm still improving my cooking skill, my Kak Yan is good at baking, my Kak Farah is best with veges, her forte agaknya, and the guys...err, lalala. *lari xnk jawab soalan. 

    Nolah, my Abg Mie pandai masakan Western, and err, my Along suka sambal udang, and my Angah suka sambal sotong. Does dat count? Kah2. Anyhoo, itu bab makanan lah. My mom mmg capable of doing anything. I mean, mak sapa yg tak kan? Everyone pun akan bragged bout their mother can do everything, OFKOSH! Itu mak kita rite? Siapa yg xnak menangkan mak sendiri? *no offense. 

    Some moments yg aku still semat elok2 dalam lipatan memori aku, macam time merajuk dgn mak dulu, how she grounded all four of us *my two sisters and my brother, sbb main hujan kat luar, her first major operation, yup she underwent a full Orthopedic operation sbb her backbone was found crack after an incident. Aku tak berapa ingat cause I was in my darjah 3 or younger, but all I remembered was, at dat time Abah was in his most vulnerable time, pity him sbb kitorang masing2 pun kecik chenonet lagi, hingusan tak pandai satu hape pun lagi. Oh, and the memories of how she fed me my meals :) btau aku sape yg tak pernah kena suap ngan mak dia time kecik2 dulu? Who? Who? 

    Siapa ingat lagu Yusof Islam, My Mother. Dalam lagu tu je, dah ada description of a very special woman named Mother. Here I quote some from the lyrics, which I felt so close to heart. 

    Cause who used to hold you 
    And clean you and clothes you 
    Who used to feed you? 
    And always be with you 
    When you were sick 
    Stay up all night 
    Holding you tight

    Cause who used to hear you 
    Before you could talk 
    Who used to hold you? 
    Before you could walk 
    And when you fell who picked you up
    Clean your cut 

    Cause who used to hug you 
    And buy you new clothes 
    Comb your hair 
    And blow your nose 
    And when you cry 
    Who wiped your tears? 
    Knows your fears 
    Who really cares? 

    That's right no other 
    My mother

    Ucapan: Mak, saya sentiasa doakan mak dan abah dilindungi di bawah rahmat Allah s.w.t. Semoga Allah ampunkan segala dosa kalian, kurniakan syurga terindah untuk kalian, dan semoga kalian panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki. 

    Therefore, Puan Rosnah bt Mohd Syariff, here's for the past 61 years you've been amazing, and for the next 61 years you will always be our one and only Rosnah bt Mohd Syariff. :') Terima kasih kerana sudi jadi mak kami selama ini. Syukran Jazilan Ya Ummi. 
  • Assalamualaikum :) 

    It's been a while since I last posted in at least 80% English. The latest that I could remember was Anasyg Has Left the Building, and yes of course, it wasn't fully furnished with English, I did put some Malay words here and there. 

    Olritey, wadsup with writing in fully English? Ouh, nothing to fuss about, saja nak praktis dah lama tak karang entry dalam bahasa omputih. *dat wud be the last line of Malay in this entry, yah...u wish. 

    So, moving on for the random stuffs. Just suka suki nak list out some hot issues, we Malaysian randomly faced for the past couple of weeks. Most of them are viral issues. Super hot viral issues (with inverted commas) ;) 


    Hot issue No 1. Malaysia's super hot PRICE-HIKE issue. Minyak naik, barang naik, naik angin, muat naik video naik angin kat stesen minyak. (close enuff). Everybody was well aware of this, if you're not, you're either non-Malaysian, or you lived in a cave somewhere in the Eastern Artic. Recently, my family went shopping kat TESCO, and we immediately shot on the face bout the reality of price-hiked. We spent round 200 to 300 ringgit Malaysia then, but now, double the number. NOT COOL.

    Hot issue No 2. Bini Mat Yo's super hot insulting-the-security-guy-video. LOL. While dat pak cik was being interviewed and photographed by a lot of people, bini Mat Yo was super rude and face it, she's dumb woman. Obviously dear, you recorded the video, you uploaded the video, you got the mega-humiliation. Aren't you satisfied enough?

    Hot issue No 3. Young couples around the nation posted so-called romantic amateur videos of them hug-kiss each other, and saying some 'geli' stuff which u shud keep it in ur pants. Lagi LOL. I've wasted around 15 mins give and take watching three videos of some idiot couples doing such. Gimme my time back! 

    Hot issue No 4. Malaysia claiming to be a peaceful country, while Shah Alam was bullet-hailed. Now...who's statement was dat? Is Malaysia still safe to be reside in, NOW? Who's to blame? National Security? Police officers? Bomba? *motif salahkan Bomba? Nak fly abroad? Hutang PT dah bayar dah? (==') SNAP.

    Hot issue No 5. Aeril Zafril and Wawa Zainal's secret solemnization. Oh, like I give a shit. Nah...never liked them pun. 

    And that is all *EH? Pendek pulak entri kau Anasyg, ketandusan idea ke? ataupun kemalasan bersiku-lipat kali ganda? Yo guys, don't get butthurt with my list. Hold on to the sailors, cause here comes the keyboard warriors! LOL. 

    Terima kasih sudi baca. Sudikan plak komen some viral issues in Malaysia/Worldwide yg korang rasa GEMPAK! :) feel free, sbb nak komen xyah bayar. Tq. 

    Anda mungkin juga menggemari : Random Topics 1Random Topics 2Random Topics 3
  • Terdapat hanya 15 minit lagi sebelum masuk waktu Solat Isyak. Dia segera mengambil wudhu dan melaksanakan Solat Maghrib. Lambat, tapi pada anggapannya asalkan dia bersolat. Dia mula membaca doa dan mula bersujud dan kekal seperti itu buat sementara waktu. Dia telah bekerja sepanjang hari dan dia berasa letih, sangat letih.

    Dia tiba-tiba terbangun kerana terdengar bunyi bising dan jeritan manusia. Dia memandang sekeliling. Dia berpeluh semahu-mahunya.

    Dia memandang sekeliling sekali lagi kerana tidak percaya. Ianya sangat sesak. Setiap tempat yang dia pandang telah dipenuhi dengan orang ramai. Beberapa berdiri kaku melihat sekeliling, ada yang berjalan mundar-mandir dan ada yang berlutut dengan tangan mereka menutup wajah mereka hanya menunggu seperti dalam ketakutan. Dia ketakutan dan berasa bimbang kerana akhirnya dia sedar di mana dia berada

    Jatungnya hampir pecah kerana debaran yang sangat kuat.

    Ianya adalah hari kiamat!

    Sewaktu dia masih hidup, dia telah mendengar banyak perkara mengenai persoalan pada hari kiamat, tetapi pada anggapannya lama lagi kiamat itu akan berlaku.

    Mungkinkah ini hanyalah permainan dan imaginasinya sendiri?

    Tidak! Melihat keadaan sekeliling ianya kelihatan sangat benar!

    Soal siasat itu sedang berlaku!

    Dia mula bergerak menyusup di antara orang ramai dan mencari di antara orang ramai untuk bertanya jika namanya telah dipanggil.

    Tiada siapa yang boleh menjawab. Tiada siapa yang mengendahkanya. Semuanya sibuk dengan urusan mereka sendiri

    Tiba-tiba nama dia dipanggil dan orang ramai berpecah kepada dua barisan dan membuat satu laluan untuknya.

    Dua malaikat memegang tangannya dan membawanya ke hadapan. Dia berjalan dengan lemah dan pasrah melalui orang ramai.

    Para malaikat membawanya ke tengah kawasan dan meninggalkan dia di sana. Kepalanya tunduk dan seluruh hidupnya sedang ditayangkan di hadapan matanya seperti sebuah filem.

    Dia membuka matanya tetapi apa yang mampu dilakukan hanyalah melihat dunianya yang dipamerkan. Orang ramai semua tidak menghiraukannya.

    Di dalam filem hidupnya, dia melihat beberapa babak seperti 
    Dia melihat bapanya berjalan dari satu rumah kebajikan me rumah yang lain, membelanjakan hartanya di jalan Islam.

    Ibunya mengikut dan membantu orang ramai di rumah kebajikan tersebut dan satu meja sedang disusunkan makanan manakala yang lain sedang dibersihkan.

    Dia mengaku kesnya,

    "Saya juga sentiasa di atas jalan ini. Saya membantu orang lain. Saya menyebarkan perkataan Allah. Saya melakukannya. Saya berpuasa pada bulan Ramadhan. Apa yang Allah perintahkan kita untuk lakukan, saya lakukan. Apa sahaja yang Allah melarang, saya tidak lakukan. "

    Dia mula menangis dan berfikir tentang betapa dia mengasihi Allah. Dia tahu bahawa apa yang dia telah dilakukan dalam kehidupannya akan menjadi kurang bermakna daripada apa yang Allah redha dan perlindungan Allah sahaja yang dia mohon kini. Dia berpeluh seperti tidak pernah berpeluh sebelum ini dan bergegar seluruh tubuhnya ketakutan

    Matanya tetap pada skala timbangan, menunggu keputusan muktamad.

    Akhirnya, keputusan itu dibuat.

    Kedua-dua malaikat itu dengan helaian kertas di tangan mereka, berpaling kepada orang ramai. Kakinya berasa sangat lemah. Dia memejamkan matanya kerana mereka mula membaca nama-nama orang-orang yang dihukum memasuki neraka.

    Namanya disebut sebagai orang yang pertama. Dia jatuh melutut dan dia menjerit menyatakan ianya salah 

    "Bagaimana saya boleh pergi ke neraka? Saya berkhidmat membantu orang lain sepanjang hidup saya, saya menyebarkan perkataan Allah kepada orang lain"

    Matanya telah menjadi kabur dan tapak tangannya berpeluh. Kedua-dua malaikat menghampirinya dan memegang tangannya. Kakinya diseret, mereka pergi melalui orang ramai dan menuju ke arah api yang menjulang-julang daripada neraka Jahannam.

    Dia menjerit dan tertanya-tanya jika ada mana-mana orang yang akan membantunya. Dia menjerit semua kebaikan yang telah dia lakukan, bagaimana dia telah membantu bapanya, puasanya, solatnya, al-Quran yang dibacanya, dia bertanya jika seorang pun daripada mereka akan membantunya

    Para malaikat Jahannam terus mengheret dia. Mereka telah semakin hampir dengan neraka.

    Dia menoleh ke belakang dan ini rayuan terakhir. Dia teringat

    Tidak! Rasulullah SAW pernah berkata,

    "Bagaimana bersih seseorang yang mandi di sungai lima kali sehari dari kotoran, begitu juga bersihnya orang yang melaksanakan solat lima kali seharian daripada dosa-dosa mereka"

    Dia mula menjerit,

    "Solat saya? Solat saya? Doa saya?"

    Kedua-dua malaikat tidak berhenti, dan mereka datang ke tepi jurang neraka. Api neraka yang membahang telah membakar mukanya.

    Dia menoleh ke belakang sekali lagi, tetapi matanya telah kering dari sebarang harapan dan dia tidak mempunyai apa yang tinggal di dalam dirinya.

    Salah satu malaikat menolak dia masuk ke neraka Jahannam. Dia mendapati dirinya terawang di udara dan sedang jatuh ke arah api.

    Dia hanya jatuh lima atau enam kaki apabila tiba-tiba tangannya diraih oleh satu lengan dan ditarik kembali ke atas. Dia mengangkat kepalanya dan melihat seorang lelaki tua dengan janggut putih yang panjang.

    Dia menyapu debu di tubuhnya sendiri dan bertanya kepadanya,

    "Siapakah anda?"

    Orang tua itu menjawab,

    "Saya solat anda"

    "Mengapa kamu begitu lewat! Saya hampir terjatuh ke dalam neraka! Anda menyelamatkan saya pada saat-saat terakhir sebelum saya jatuh"

    Orang tua itu tersenyum dan menggeleng-gelengkan kepalanya, 

    "Anda sentiasa laksanakan saya pada saat-saat akhir, adakah anda lupa?"

    Pada ketika itu, dia terjaga dan mengangkat kepalanya dari sujud

    Dia berada di dalam kebasahan akibat peluh. Dia mendengar suara-suara yang datang dari luar. Dia mendengar azan untuk menandakan masuknya waktu Solat Isyak.

    Dia bangun dengan cepat dan pergi untuk mengambil wudhu. Dia berjanji tidak akan melengahkan solat lagi. Dia sedar kesalahannya kini

    Kongsi kisah ini kepada kawan-kawan anda dan keluarga. Mungkin, anda boleh membantu seseorang membuka mata mereka.

    Anda mungkin meminati entry ini juga. KLIK

    Saya copy entry ni dari facebook. Harap maklum. 
  • WARNING AWAL :) Kepada orang2 yang banned baik punya kat KPOP, boleh navigate away dari page ni dengan hati terbuka ya. Tapi kalau korang still nak baca, read on ur own risk. This entry contains a bus-load of KPOP's confetti. 

    Assalamualaikum w.b.t

    Hai earthlings. Setelah aku acknowledge semua org dekat dua entry lepas, cerita pasal konvo, post-convo, segala-mala pasal convo, sekarang aku start taip benda2 yg aku suka nak citer :) weehu. First and foremost, biar aku letak picture dulu. 
    Ok. First stop. Gambar kat atas ni ialah sebuah kumpulan penyanyi wanita exotic dari Korea Selatan. Senang citer, South Korean Girl Group, pendek lagi, Korean Idol, pendek lagi? SPICA :) Nama depa, SPICA. Kenapa aku nak review pasal diorang? Korang akan tahu di penghujung entry ni. :) 
    Dulu2 masa study life kat kolej, bila classmates pujuk2 manja suh tengok citer Family Outing, terus terminat nak tau lebih lanjut pasal KPOP ni. *walaupun Family Outing tu takde kena mengena sangat dgn KPOP. Family Outing tu ialah rancangan Variety, while KPOP ni ala2 satu industry besar dunia hiburan Korea lah. I don't know y, but they(the Koreans) seems to look up to their artists, diorang panggil Hallyu Idol/Korean Wave *boleh check kat Wiki, and do correct me if I'm wrong. 

    So, bila dah berjinak2 tau serba sikit pasal KPOP, aku mulalah minat kat beberapa Girl Group dan tipulah diri ini cakap tak minat gak kat Boy Group. pfft. Anyway, tak semua aku minat in the terms of fanatic mcm peminat2 Running Man dekat Asia Tenggara ni. Minat aku time tu berdasarkan beberapa faktor ni. 

    1. Catchy songs

    2. Cool coreography 

    3. Clothing styles

    4. dan hopkoslah, market o non-market muka depa yg nationwide tau they altered it. *bukan semua ok. 

    Pucuk pangkalnya, aku just nak cakap, I'm also a KPOP-er. Suka tengok Korean dramas, Variety Shows, sumbat earphone kat telinga, pasang lagu Girls Generation/Super Junior kuat2. 

    T...tapi, ITU DULU. Aku yang dulu bukanlah yang sekarang. *eh? Tahun lepas, time kerja kat kafe dulu, kawan tempat kerja aku, Cik Dibah pinjamkan lappy dia, dan aku secara tak sengaja tertonton MV group ni. Russian Roullete. At first respon aku sama je mcm lepas tengok MV KPOP yg biasa2, uknow, dgn diorang punya head-to-toe-over-the-top-outfit, super fast dance number, catchy songs and vibe, tapi...bila kena tang suara. I heard this woman sings. 

    Nama dia Kim Boa, she's the leader, and also the main vocalist. Suara dia, bagi aku, by far antara vocal terbaik dalam kalangan vocalist2 KPOP wanita yang lain. Kalau nak listkan, mcm Taeyon (GirlsGeneration), IU, HyoRin (Sistar) dan dua orang senior dalam industry ni Lee Hyori, dan sorang lagi BoA, which I lof all of these gals and their voices. Undoubtedly, dey'ol mmg power and superb. 

    Tho for me, personally, Kim Boa's husky voice tu yang buat dia stands out in the pack. Respect! 

    Then it comes to this woman. Dia ialah Bohyung. The Lead Vocalist, dan juga yang paling muda. Dia jugak power house in the pack. Suara dia pun sedap, sedap in the terms of Powerful sedap, bukan setakat sedap masuk AF 2013 *eh? Kecil2 cili api. 

    Ini pulak Juhyun. Main rapper dan juga vocalist dalam grup ni. Skeptically, org akan pk, rappers ni cuma tau belitkan lidah nyanyi laju2 je, tapi tidak utk Juhyun. Eventho dia rapping, tapi suara dia tetap sedap. Sekali lagi, sedap bukan sekadar baking cream-puff punya sedap, tapi Powerful punya sedap.

    Narae pun Powerful sedap! Dia pun main vocalist jugak. Kalau dia tekan suara dia, *flat tones, dengar mcm suara laki, tapi still suara laki yang sedap!

    Last but never the least ialah si Jiwon ni. The face of the group. Memang lawa, comey kechik je dia ni. All n all, suara dia yang paling halus. Tapi, still meletakkan dia di standard boleh jadi leader utk mana2 group KPOP lain, sebab cara dia menyanyi dengan suara halus dia.

    Aku respect girl group ni, n forever #teamSPICA sbb satu je. VOCAL! Kalau nak compare dengan girl group lain, susah nak jumpa yang kesemuanya merupakan power house. Maybe some of them, just meant to sing back up, ada tu yang hanya boleh jual rupa, atau tarian, tapi tang menyanyi, dey'ol haf to split lines. Tak syok ar gitu.

    What makes me so in love with SPICA, diorang ni di bawah naungan B2M Entertainment, which one of their Unnies was Lee Hyori, legend KPOP kat situ, their concept is different. Diorang tak bawak imej aegyo/comey bdak sekolah innocence ni. Bagi aku, *selain MV I'll Be There, lagu lain semua menonjolkan sisi matang diorang. Which was good, dan Single terbaru diorang, Tonight mmg lain dari yang lain. Taklah stuck dalam studio, dancing to the same choreo. Urgh, bosan.

    Kalau korang tak percaya jugak kekuatan vokal diorang? Check this one and only one video.
    How's that for a LIVE-unedited video of them singing? Jangan persoalkan English diorang, kebanyakkan Korean mmg kurang proficiency pada bahasa tu, but this is a good effort, and I, acknowledge good effort. Uuh, melting dengar suara diorang.

    Watch this too > KLIK

    Blogger2 lain yg review SPICA and had approved that SPICA is undoubtedly girl grup yang showcased all five members boleh menyanyi dengan bagus, bukan bagus...POWERFUL and IMPECCABLE ! :) 



    See, toldcha, ramai yang mengatakan SPICA antara group yang boleh showcase semua ahli dalam grup tersebut utk menyanyi dengan sangat baik. Tho, however they lack publicity. Tu yang tak popular, I bet korang tak berminat pun nak tekan play the video o any link I provided kan? Sbb korang tak kenal. Biasalah tu, aku dulu pun tak kenal gak diorang ni. Sbb, company diorang tak all out promo diorang ni, bukan macam Girls Generation, nyanyi lagu Gee-Gee-Gee semua orang dah boleh ikut. *sad but true fact.

    Oleh itu, aku dengan sukarela terbuka hatinya promo diorang ni. Harap korang pun setujulah selepas berjela2 panjangnya entri promo aku ni. :) Terima kasih sudi baca ya.