• It wasn't until this evening, during my trip home, after a month and a week away without going back, and travelling with train and bus makes me nauseous. The story begins..

    U see, people take Milo and Cereals and biscuits and waffle // for breakfast, but I was feeling kinda western-ish, I took an apple. An apple and a glass of water, cause people said it'll kick start ur organs and stuff liddat. So I got busy, with my phone, checking my never-ending whatsapp thread, the shit chats happening between people that I don't even save their phone numbers, and the back and forth to Instagram and Facebook and back to Whatsapp and Instagram and Facebook and Whatsapp, and again and repeat and again. Since I don't have Wechat, I don't go there anymore.

    The routine went about two to three hours then I remembered I need to cut both fingernails and toenails, then I got it all cut, then I remembered I need to do the laundry since all my pants are overflowing out of the laundry basket, so I did. I picked it all up, and went to the washing machine.


    Then I remembered, I need to go home cause tomorrow is Hari Raya Aidil Adha.


    So I packed my bag, brought my laptop with me and my favorite comb. That's all I packed with. Since a friend of mine invited me to have lunch with him, I said yes and he also offered a ride to the train station.


    So he brought me to this one restaurant in Seksyen 7, Bangi. It was famous for its Murtabak, and I tell ya, he aint kidding. I had Murtabak Ayam Cheese Selapis, and it was as big as the moon. *sorry no picture. I believe that a superb food would be dissapointed if it got itself documented.

    Yen, kenapa sirap bandung aku rasa macam Sirap Bandung + Air Soda? Blergh.

    So afterwards, he dropped me at the train station and the line for the ticket was as far as ur eyes can see. Since the station was up on a hill, the queue goes up on the hill too. Tiring. The first train left while I'm still queuing, so I got to the second one. It was an hour and fifteen minutes journey. I doze off. (aku rasa aku mengigau along the way, pfft)

    So done with train, I have to take the bus now. It's another torturing 35-40 minutes ride. So yet again, the first bus left with a pack of homosapiens inside. I just couldn't bare being in there and a part of the holy stench! So I got into the second bus.

    Here's when the story got interesting.

    Chugais know bout the third class mentality and the lower class attitude of most Malaysian? The first being...


    So there's this one malay girl, with her uniform on. She tears a piece of paper (do not ask me wad d heck the paper was) into twelve or more smaller pieces of the same paper, and throw it on the ground like it was nobody else business and as if the earth around is her big litter bin.

    It doesn't stop there. There's another Indian girl, and an old woman. Both littering publicly in front of me. It was disgusting and shameful. Wanna know what happened next? I don't follow the fate of the Indian girl but the macik, she didn't get into the second bus cause it was still packed mcm sardin Marina and that she went off grumpy and about, fortunately the first girl got in. It wasn't until 20 minutes later that I got a seat and it was right behind the girl, and that I noticed she had fall asleep. After she woke up, then she realized she had missed her stop. She went panic mode and her attempts on pressing the bell for the driver to know that there someone's stop were to no avail. So she went down at the next stop. (which is quite far from her actual stop)

    You know what I did?

    I laughed at it a bit. (gelak dalam hati je) I said, that's the power of what goes around comes around. She just got checked on the spot. That when u did something wrong + publicly, there's always Allah's way of returning the favor. But then I remembered one last thing before I got off at my stop.

    Shoot! I threw away the remains of the apple in a drain.

    p/s 1: Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha. Salam Kosong-kosong. Salam ampun tak post2 entry since bulan lepas. Dan segala jenis salam yg ada kat Malaysia ni.

    p/s 2: ni cerita betul, bukan buat2. Apa jadi kat aku plak? Sila PM. Eh! Jgn tetiba datang ngan Pak Jib, no no. Sila private message saya for details. Aha. Ok dah tu je. Nak tido, bye. Wawawawa.