• Assalamualaikum guys. As promised, (Yay! I keep my words real) Here is the top 10 recently released (February 2015) Music Video dat I found on the internet. LOL. As usual, I did not arranged them in order of my favorable, just the way which I found first ya. Enjoy the list guys :)
    1. Sam Smith - Lay Me Down
    Published on Feb 5, 2015

    2. Florence + The Machine - What Kind Of Man
    Published on Feb 12, 2015

    3. Madonna - Living For Love
    Published on Feb 6, 2015

    4. Rihanna and Kanye West and Paul McCartney - FourFiveSeconds
    Published on Feb 3, 2015

    5. Cheryl - Only Human
    *Unfortunately I can't attach the actual video clip here, so here's another clip of the same song. 
    Acoustic Version Published on Oct 28, 2014
    Official MV Published on Feb 3, 2015

    6. Marina and The Diamonds - I'm A Ruin
    Published on Feb 5, 2015

    7. Arianna Grande - One Last Time 
    Published on Feb 15, 2015

    8. Taylor Swift - Style
    Published on Feb 13, 2015

    9. Imagine Dragons - Shots
    Published on 12 Feb, 2015

    10. Calvin Harris - Pray To God ft HAIM
    Published on Feb 10, 2015

    These two released their lyric videos last month which I put them on previous list. Alas, they published the Official Music Video this month. So hurray! :) 

    11. Avril Lavigne - Give You What You Like
    Published on Feb 10, 2015

    12. Kelly Clarkson - Heartbeat Song
    Published on Feb 5, 2015

    Personal Favorite of the Month :)
    Sia - Chandelier (57th GRAMMY) ft Maddie Ziegler and Kristen Wiig
  • Assalamualaikum. 

    When you grow old enough to understands problems around you, you'll tend to stress out. Macam aku, kadang2, masalah tu bukan resolves around aku pun, tapi aku yg menggatal fikir sambil pintal2 rambut. *eh, mcm sensual je. Anyhoo, here is a list, of how I handle stresses, tak kiralah at work, time study, kat rumah ke, with family, with ma cousin, with friends, or all by myself. *queue lagu All By Myself by Charice.

    Number one stress relief was actually circle back to ur God. Amik wudhu, solat taubat, solat hajat, solat sunat tahajud etc. Baca Al-Quran, berzikir, and all that. Yg ni mmg tak payah tunggu aku azankan kat korang, korang dah tahu sendiri rite. :)
    Now, this one right here was something that everybody voted as a Number One thing to do when we're stressed out.
    Yup, you eat. Sama macam semua org yg jadikan makanan sebagai therapy, I eat all the food as well. When you're stress, your stomach tends to feel very upset, thus, you eat. *hypothesis I came up just a few seconds ago.

    Apart from eating, I drink. I drink tea. Like how I rubbed it onto everyone's faces two to three posts before, I am not a coffee person, so I drink tea a lot, like a lot. Mcm org yg coffeeholic, I'm a tea people. So, tea does best with me. Kalau coffee is high in anti-oxidant, tea is high in anti-depressant. *also a fact I came up just a few seconds ago. Look at ol these people drinking teas with style.
    Kalau drink tea saja pun tak jadi, I'll tag along with watching good movies, or listening to good musics. I won't put reading good books, sbb mmg aku dah lama tak beli dan tak baca buku/novels, sbb yg ada sekarang pun tak habis baca lagi, ada lebih kurang lima buku yg tersadai atas meja. Whenever I want to flash open the cover page, laptop menangis, "Anas...book no important than facebook. Book can wait, blog need updates" *LOL.

    But then, nan hado jugak aku update blog ni. Some good movies yang aku still ulang2 tengok seperti, We Bought A Zoo, Life of Pi, Water for Elephant, Stepmom, The Impossible, Snowpiercer, About Time, The Vow, Morning Glory, The Help, Big Fish, even Confession of a Shopaholic pun considered as one of a success movie. Some other title yg aku rasa byk sgt kalau aku nak list kan, amongst them, when I narrow it down, semuanya mesti ada message of humanity or at least something yg sentimental or heavy on the emotional side. sob2, that's just me.
    On one hand above are the list of good movies I watched, on another, here are some sentimental songs yg aku dok repeat all time. Denial by The Saturdays, Battle Scars by Guy Sebastian, Mirror by Justin Timberlake, In Heaven by JYJ, Forever Always Wishing by Rox, Painkiller by SPICA, Someone Like You by Adele, I Was Here by Beyonce, I Can't Break It To My Heart by Delta Goodrem, I'm A Crazy Girl by Kim Bo Hyung and tonnes more. Mmg tak habis list aku ni. Oltogether, semua lagu2 ni ada vibe sedih, fun, sing-a-long kinda thang, and ofcourse sedap kat telinga aku.
    Jangan carut aku kalau lagu fevret korang macam lagu Gila by Stacy tak termasuk k, pfft.
    Recap: So praying and eating was the first thought, followed by drinking tea, listening to good musics, watching good movies, so what then? Before I go to my utmost favorite thing to do when I'm stresses out, here are some honorable mentions for ya guys.

    Honorable mentions:
    -Cooking, albeit havin so little motivation to cook i.e PEMALAS! I do found a little peace in cooking.
    -Singing. (kenapa masuk honorable mentions?) LOL, I sing like all the time. Bet ya guys agreed with this one as a therapy dincha?
    -Shopping. (Like..who doesn't, duuuh)
    -Hanging out with best friends (or for me dapat borak dgn my beloved cousins pun dah ok, spill everything in three to four-hours meeting)
    -Clean the house, or clean my room. Aha, ini mmg sangat rare lah nak tengok aku buat. Cause ni mmg kena tunggu aku betul2 motivated plus stress tahap 93 baru aku buat.

    And the last but-surely-they're-dozens-of-things-to-do to relief my stress is:

    Taip sampai 44 draft dalam blog *termasuk my other blogs, dan keep it for my own reading. Hahaha. (lawak hambar). Yup, itulah salah satu cara paling berkesan dan efektif untuk aku release tension, dan relief stress. Type it all out in blog, but for me to hit the publish button? Haha..you wish. So folks, there you have it, things you ought to know of how I handle my stress. Terima kasih sbb berkorban nak baca sampai habis. Bummer sbb blogwalking tak masuk senarai. Ahaha. (gelak hambar)]
    Full title tu semua kena censored because of surprise element it holds and also plagiarism. :)
    p/s: Aku tau bday kau esok, tapi aku nak jugak jadi orang first wish bday kau. *nampak tak aku calon sahabat ke Jannah gitu. Selamat hari lahir Paan. Kawan rapat masa Dip, dan skrg jadi kawan baik je, mana pergi rapat? Well, dah takleh rapat ngan dia sbb dia dah jadi Menteri paling busy kat UPM! Hahaha. Semoga Allah memberkati hidup kamu dan semoga kamu diberi kesedaran yg kamu itu mempunyai sebuah blog yg sy jarang2 lihat kamu ngupdate blog itu. Sekian. *apply water to burnt area. Tq.
    Ha kau, takleh nak besar lagi kan gambar kau. Ini gambar kenang2an sebelum kau meningkat dewasa. Erk, ayat lapik xnak cakap yg kau dah kembang mcm pau. Eh sorry tercarut. Haha.