• Greetings. Welcome to my humble portfolio compatible to blog format. Please feel free to comb thru the photos as they have been categorized together according to their titled group. All works are original unless stated so. Images used were outsourced from google pictures. Half of the works are assignment based for academic purposes and are not for outside use. My editing works varies from theater posters, documentary posters, assignments posters, up to test shoot (editorial photoshoot). 

    Disclaimer: In a lot of the Editorial photoshoot, I was potrayed as the main model, but these were all just for personal fun. I am not a professional, paid or trained model but open for any possibilities. The shoots are mainly for personal use and collection only.

    1. Theater Posters
    Senteri Mungkar (1st Show 2015)

    Samaran Karma (2nd Show 2016)

    Kintsugi (3rd Show 2016) 1st Version

    Kintsugi (3rd Show 2016) 2nd Version

    Kintsugi (3rd Show 2016) 3rd Version

    Kintsugi (3rd Show 2016) 4th Version

    Kintsugi (Reprise Show 2017) New Version

    Maharani (4th Show 2018)

    2. Video Assignment Posters
    Orkid : Short Film (2015)
    #switchoffthestereo : Documentary (2017)
    Stepmom : Reprise Short Film (2017) 
    Fitting In : Documentary (Mock-up Poster) (2017)
    Fitting In : Documentary (Tilt Version) (2017)
    3. Assignments Posters
    The Tell-Tale Heart (Book Cover Version)
    The Tell-Tale Heart (Movie Poster Version)
    Language At The Workplace Poster : Report Writing
    Si Tenggang Homecoming : Poster

    4. Editorial Shoots (Personal Collection)

    i) Open Season Photoshoot 
    (Photographed & Edited by Mietography) Click on the word Mietography and feel free to browse through their website for more editorial photoshoot that I've co-directed with the team.

    ii) #switchoffthestereo Test Shoot

    iii) WHACK Album Photoshoot 
    (Photographed by Mietography, Fully edited by myself)

    iv) The Nocturnals 
    (2018 Aidilfitri Photoshoot) Featuring the whole family, it has become an annual tradition for us to gather and work for an editorial shoot with the whole family during Raya.

    1st Teaser
    2nd Teaser
    3rd Concept Teaser
    4th Concept Teaser

    End of Portfolio (as updated on 4th of July 2018) 
    *to be updated from time to time. 

    Appreciate your stay.