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    First of ol I would like to congratulate ma Susu bunny on her achievement-successfully delivered all 4 of her newly born baby bunnies. Two white-furred one black-furred and one brown-furred like their daddy bunny. Susu is a 2 years old bunny if I'm not mistaken, n Horlick (d male) is a 1 year old bunny. Last month, Susu gave birth to Milky (pronounce-Miki) n now he/she (ta check lg) is one month old loh- very cute but inherited his/her mother outrages rage. Very d ganaz.  

    Susu n Horlick

    Back to d title, I've saved dis story for quite a while now, its regarding the offering open up at two places for  both ma future study and employment. RUGI SANAD SANAD (ape ni?). So d first offer I've got is from UiTM Shah Alam-it's a response to my application for UPU under the course Interior Design. Tho- I have to leggo of d offer :

    Because both ma parents did not approve of it. PERIOD. I have no right to argue dat no more. Ma mom advises me to focus on language study and do not mix up everything as it will be hay-wire later on. 

    Sounds harsh is it? but I am really concern about the permission from both ma parents, kan org cakap- kena dapat keberkatan dan restu kedua ibu bapa. (sorry termalaykan post ni) ol n ol, comes the next offer. 

    I've got a call from ITNM -Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia, for a 6 month training and recruitment for a permanent job there, DAEBAK ! Akak tu called me and ask me to attend an interview session where we will translate another text to secure a spot to permanently work under a government sector (sapa yg tak nak?) so I was PLEASINGLY SHOCKED and also eksited terlebey- it's a rare chance loh, I remember sending ma resume thru their website back then on March if I'm not mistaken (ke February ntah) then only I got d call on 14 May and akak tu asked me to come on 17. Gelabah labah-labah la aku. 

    At first I agreed to come, then she ask: Adik ni dah habis belajar kan?
    then I answered: Nope, skang tengah latihan industri, kenapa kak.
    Akak: Alah... kitorang nak yg dah betul2 free je, sebab nak terus serap masuk kerja tetap bawah institut
    Me: JAW DROP ! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Mencarut Jawa keluar. 
    Akak: Sorry lah dik, takde rezeki adik lah. 
    Me: Alah kak, takkan takde second call back ke, second intake ke? second session ke, anything second loh. 
    Akak: Buat masa ni takde lah dik. 

    Conversation ended. (SEDEYH !) T^T
    Immediately I inform ma parents and they're also shocked and frustrated. They suggest me to write another application letter and I replied, dats not gonna be possible cause d course/training already started. Come to think of it, ma along and kak long advise d same thing, ol of ma siblings are kinda shock with d news tho, ITNM is not some place you can secure a spot to work permanently out of sudden sandstorm, so when a rare chance comes like this, I should grab it. LOL-Geng, I bukan tak grab, its a matter of time. If and only if the training started on hujung Jun ke, bulan Julai ke, I'll definitely gonna go, but it clashes with ma internship. What shud I do then. Quit interning? Go for a job, tak grad diploma la aku cenggitu dik. The chances come at a very odd time. 

    Bayangkanlah... D resume was sent to them on March n only on May I got d callback. Tak gila? I guessed dat there must be A HELL DOZENS of applicant for d post, n I am one of d lucky person for d callback. Other than submitting resume, we have to translate 2 different texts, from Malay to English and English to Malay. D texts are quite challenging tho but I buat yg terbaek loh. Sayang je... sob sob. 

    So wad now? I applied for some Unis, like UPM, UKM, n some more n am waiting for their offer coming up. But to choose between being employed or further study...hmmm well refer to d title- it's time to Take those Chances.  

    p/s: Looking forward for June as something big will come to you readers !
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    The LYRICS
    The DOWNLOAD Link

    Last video ni korang akan meng-LOL kan d whole song. Enjoy ! 
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    Yup, as usual if the post title is a name of someone, there are only two probabilities.

    1. I'm about to do a review about their blog
    2. It's their birthday n this is a tribute entry for them

    So, as for this one, refer no. 2 ok. 

    Happy Belated Birthday Badriatul Syafinaz. It was two days ago, n yet, I still wanna wish you the best for your college life, life as a Muslim, n of course as a blogger. Good Luck n here's a song for you. 


    Hope you loike it much !
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    Hyep u ol. So, for most of ya, who've read ma last two post (HERE) n (HERE) must be wondering wad d hell am I sayin? Hehe, come to think of it, its time for me to justify things up.

    So, it is true, ol d hint dat I gave ... pris is in French n it means : Taken, while d post earlier, is written Taken Owned. Showing dat d 'seriousness' of me in ma new relationship. Tho, it only started last Thursday, but we've been friend for almost one year n a half now, so no awkward2 feeling. And on dat day, we've decided to declare this officially.

    Pray for us ya. Love ya.

    p/s: been thinking bout having a nice ONE MONTH blog-break. Hmmm...best gak idea tu kan.

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    Hello Hello, muka ni lagi yg ngupdate- ok. So, Anasyg pernah tulis pasal Glee di entri Mac 2011 kat SINI. For those yg pernah baca - terima kaseh, dan yg ta pernah baca, go on then. klik d word SINI tu, n try ahead. 

    A Simple Reminder : This Entry is full of crap-gleefull-things, so if u r not a fan, please at least go-fan urself, n it also contains A LOT OF printscreen pics. Oh, n if u find uncomfortable with ol d spoilers coming up, in case u didnt watch d episodes yet, do click the upper-right button look likes an X. 

    Here we go... 
    So, yesterday ma brother and I watched d weekly released episode of Glee on the TV connected from his pendrive, which he downloaded four episodes earlier than Star Worlds episodes, n after d show finishes, I decided to blog it. So, here we are. The 20th eps of Glee is Props, and the 21st eps of Glee is Nationals, where they are off to Chicago ! 

    Lets start with eps 20-Props.

    Rachel singing
    I Won't Give Up - song by Jason Mraz 

    Tina stood up because she just had enough with ol d solo part Rachel getting. When Mr. Schue added dat she's d leader of d costume committee, she left. Play d clip below to watch how Tina swapped place with Rachel n d rest ... Freaky Friday Glee version. 

    Tina as Rachel singing Because You Loved Me song by Celine Dion

    Puck pick a fight with Rick d Stick 

    Tina finally approved of Rachel n willingly drive her to meet Nyada's Tryout Judge 

    Coach Beiste duet with Puck singing Mean song by Taylor Swift
    Now play d video below to watch the FullPerformance of Tina n Rachel together singing Flashdance...What a Feeling

    N they're are off to Nationals ! 
    Here we go... 
    Episode 21 : Nationals 

    The kids are fighting because they've been practicing for 3 hours non-stop. Sam says dat Puck's focuses too much on his Geography test dat he forgot the routine. 

    And the backfire...

    Rachel walking in her applelicious dress : Walla 

    N met her ex-boyfie Jesse St James

    Still cute huh?

    N one, two ... 

    Amazing ! They're up first ! 

    Trouble Tones take d stage with Edge of Glory. Love their coreo tho.

    Spin Spin Spin ! 

    Now Rachel's turn. Make daddy proud Rachel - 

    She nailed the It's All Coming Back to Me Now - song by Celine Dion. Isn't d spot light just love her?

    Her voice is superbly Exceptional ! 

    "when you touch me like this...
    when you hold me like that" love d song

    New Directions singing Paradise by the Dashboard Light

    The girls take the center stage

    n d coreo just got better every single sec

    reminds me of Vocal Adrenaline somehow

    n one n two

    n its a Wrap ! 

    Now, here is one of ma fav performance dat night. Glee Project runner-up, Wade 'Unique' Adams singing Starship. Click play below. Enjoy

    LOVE dizzz ... When Wade split in the air. Speechless. 

    Their Coreo ... urgh, jaw drop.

    Slide women ... sliiideee

    Pinball Wizard ... not ma favorite tho. 

     Hold ur breath, cause here comes ...

    The Result

    SPOILER ALERT ! If u do not wish to continue, please exit away from this page. Thank You. 

    New Directions

    Or Vocal Adrenaline?

    The 2012 National Show Choir Championship goes to ... 

    No word.

    So, they brought the trophy back to school.

    Greeted with a very curious bunch of kids in the hallway, n two of em, were holding slushies. For once you thought that they're still gonna get slushied eventho they won? Think again...n enjoy.

    2012 National Show Choir Championships Trophy

    Lima News front page 

    Yummy Cakes : Yay Champ


    So, the New Direction dedicated one song, as to show their gratitude and thankfulness towards 2012 McKinley High Best Teacher Award Winner : Mr. William Schuester

    So, they sing We Are the Champions from Queen

    and the emotionally huggin-session

    hug Tina
    hug Mercedes
    hug Brittany
    hug Puck
    hug Blaine
    hug Rachel
    hug Finn
    hug Artie
    hug Sugar
    hug Santana
    hug Mike
    hug Sam
    hug Kurt
    hug n kiss from Quinn
    n of kos... 
    Emma's Liplock

    The plague.

    Sorry for d long post, tho, I have a compilation of Joe n Quinn sweet photos. Enjoy.
    Mmmuuuaaahhh ! 

    So, I twist a bit about d photos plot - it was suppose to end, right after Mr. Schue raises d plague, but nope, I think, the one to end this eps is this scene. Ol members of New Directions stare down proudly to the Nationals Trophy. Gladly they won, sadly it finished. 

    Again...sorry for d long post. N hope u enjoy diz entry. Love ya !