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    I am a Glee-folks n fanatic for dat FOX-production tv series, Glee had reach yet another 'fun'tastic year throughout the series and I love d catchy Quotes n headlines for each eps. like Sexy, Silly Love Song , Furt , Substitute, Special Education, Blame it on the Alcohol, and the last eps for dat series is Original Song. Ma fav characs in the series are Mercedes n Kurt as pair, for voice I choose Artie (d wheelchair) n for personality I choose Brittany for her stupid-dumb-appear-cute look.
    As for Quotes I always re-quote Quinn saying to Sue in Pilot eps- 'There's something goin on with Finn n dat thing (referring to Rachel)' - it makes me laugh. Quinn have dat sweet-silent-you have to really open ur ears to listen to her-voice kinda like n somehow I copy her to talk.

    The Cast
    Songs pick are awesome too, ma fav this far are :: True Colors (Tina C.) :: Faithfully (Rachel n Finn) :: Happy Days (Kurt n Rachel) :: I Look to You (Mercedes) :: Singing in the Rain (Holly n Will) :: Tik Tok (Brittany) :: n many more ! d recent song was :: Do You Wanna Touch (Holly) struck me with the trio (Brittany,Santana n Holly) dance on the chair. Dat was MAJOR HAWT !
    D series are reaching its end but Glee will always a phenomena for me !

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    1. yes Glee, i'm in :)
      *penguasaan english ko hebat,tips belajar BI seteror tu?