• .:: 40 is the new 20 ::.

    I've watched Aznil Hj. Nawawis' Hore Hore Concert this evening and he is keeping it real, the long songs really make him sweat off n his shirt was terribly SOAKED :: btw Aznil congrats for ur concert n it was a success, even though there is some crowd teasin but there are crowd pleasin too, u still standin up there n sing on.

    Once there was a news provoking him not to continue on Show Biz because he'd turned 45 something (sorry if it was a mistake) n so d undetectable voice of rumors run echoes saying dat Aznil should stop n hit d mosque he should repent n follow what a 40 plus people would have done on their brisk of age.

    For Aznil he had his own reason :: he'd keep on entertaining Malaysia(even abroad) n makes people smile inside n out. He is sure a crowd pleaser. It is his decision whether to stop o not, but our decision to learn. He is the role model for all the old folks out there that life can be enjoyable when you glance only once at the number 0 at the behind of the number 4 :: dat was my idea of putting it in line.

    Well, long story short , Aznil had made a COMEBACK !

    NOTED : The slot when Aznil had his fun 'cuddling' with the albino snake was one to enjoy :: He was scared + brave at d same time :: LOVE you Aznil !

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