• .:: 83rd Academy Award a.k.a d Oscar Baby ::.

    Experience d Oscar rite in front of ur eyes must be MAGICAL  because not everybody in this world would get dat rare chance :: going further to achieve an OSCAR :: sounds easy saying rite , but dis is OSCAR we're saying here darling, the 83rd Academy Award dat I recently watched (thanks to Star World - astro channel 711) was a fantastic feeling , to be on dat stage and awarded :: you felt apreciated and ur hard work are paid-off. Yup :: paid off- means dats a FORTUNE for dat BIG prestige - Quoted from d double trouble-cute pair hosts- Anne Hathaway and James Franco (nominee for Lead Actor in 127 Hours) James asked : What did you get when you own an Oscar ? Gracefully Anne answered : You get prestige James :: n dats how she nailed it.
    Anne also unbelievably said dat : You have to be naked to be nominated (as in her role in Love and other Drugs) n d crowds cheer for her.
    I love d ending performance by a bunch of school kids singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Its really touchin. N CONGRATULATION to all d nominated actors and actresses and d whole crews, n for d WINNER :: simply - BRAVO !

    p/s - Star World - I didn't burn any calories while o after d whole claps-y thingy. YOU LIED ! haha LOL

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