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    Woah ! Dats d rite word to put an end to this game :: Credit to POPCAP (d producer) dis game wasn't just entertainin but also sharpen ur wide ABROAD knowledge about SPELLING WORDS ! haha hows dat ? for those who think vid games r HAZARDOUS n NON-PROFITABLE ... THINK AGAIN SUCKER (ok I shouldn't use dat) btw, dis game is D MOST INFLUENTIAL game in todays industry because it was ASTONISHINGLY SUPERB to play. U can enhance and harness (these r words I rarely use in daily conversation) ur SHALLOW (in case they r :: LOL) knowledge.
    The main menu
    It is about a CUTE LIL GREEN WORM named LEX which is on his way to save his sweetheart (at least he thinks datway) in A BOOK. so there he went with a thousands n thousands of CREATURE n CHALLENGES which is for me quite Hard but Accessible (dats another) n for dat he have to survive n defeat those NASTY BRAT. It has 3 Books and d difficulty levels r increasin as u reached d FINAL BOOK. Through out the game your task is just to SPELL VERY EXQUISITE word in order for u to defeat all those Filthy monstrously creatures. Each level you have to face at about 4-5 enemies before u reached THE BOSS BATTLE n surely d boss has D MOST UNIMAGINABLY powers n abilities.

    Minotaur the Half-Man Half Ox
     Some of them can : 
    -shoot fire (cause Burning)
    -spit ice (cause Frozen-See pic below)
    -splash water (cause Stunned)
    -claws (cause bleeding)
    -stomp the tile (cause tile smashed)
    -chain throw (cause tiles lock)
    -scream very loud (cause petrify)
    -shoot gas (cause poisoned -See pic below)

    Dis is what u'll get when u r FROZEN !

    Soon as u get the hang of this game I assure u r gonna HEART it !. FRANKLY saying dat dis game will ask more than ur basic CLICHE USED-EVERYDAY-WORDS. It needs more like STREAMING FABULOUS with TEMPORARILY FLICKING words. I gotta tell u dat it is Challenging yet ... WE R LEARNING. Yup d more we learn d more WE GET SMART ! Rite ? See pic below-


    Gladly when you'd finished book two u got the chance to play MINI GAMES freely without havin to enter the Adventure Mode, in Mini Game there are three Heart-pounding game to play 
    1-The 5 letters word Spelling Game (with only the initial letter, u have only 5 chances to guess what d word)
    2-The Lock n Link Game (there are 5 level with 5 letters for u to spell any word with, u must use all five letters in one level twice to make them GOLDEN TILE n unlock d prizes)
    3-The Just-Go-On-n-Spell Game (just spell any word u found in a 9 to 10 letters word, for eg- EXPOSITION - so spell it RITE !)

    The trick of this game is to SPELL AS LONG AS U CAN TO DEFEAT THE ENEMIES, other than that I can say dat u need ur FULLY-BRAINED head to play. There r 16 tiles n u can spell any word using the tiles given but at certain cases ur tiles can't be use if :
    1-Ur tiles r LOCK
    2-Ur tiles can't cause any damage if it was AFFECTED
    3-Ur tiles r cracked smashed

    But there are also SUPER ADVANTAGES TILES- See pic below

    This is rarely found - even I didn't find these AWESOME GEM-FULL tiles.
    These tiles with Gems o I called it GEM-FULL tiles have their own secret power which are :
    1-White Gem - Fully Heal Lex n add 25% damage to the enemies
    2-Red Gem - Cause Burning to enemies n add 15% damage
    3-Blue Gem - Cause Froze to enemies n add 15% damage
    4-Orange Gem - Cause enemy to Power Down n add 10% damage
    5-Purple Gem - Cause Poisoned to enemy n add 10% damage
    6-Green Gem - Cause Lex to Power Up n add 15% damage

    I gotta tell ya, I LOVED DIS SPARKLY-SPARKLY gems. n it also come in handy.
    Last but never OUTCAST, the FINAL BOSS (which is not dat hard as a BOSS for this game, surely GUARANTEED u can beat him) All n well ... GOOD LUCK !

    p/s : Pink-ed words r some of d word dat u can use to STYLISHLY beat d BOSSES Safe n Sound. N ma personal word when I beats d Final Boss is : CONDENSER !

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