• .:: Morning Glory n HER GLORY ::.

    I've watched Morning Glory, lead role by Rachel McAdams and I gotta tell ya dat SHE NAILED IT ! it was splendid and that work of art was A TWO THUMBS UP ! I LOVE IT so much :: inspiring yet really movin because there is not a minute where Becky (Rachel) is not moving. She was always with something to do. Her brain works like a machine :: perhaps even better. Morning Glory is about a young tv producer played by Rachel McAdams as Becky. She was thrilled and excited about her routine and her programme but she was suddenly knock-out from the station and left - unemployed. She refused to cook d popcorn n RAN HOOKING FOR JOB. (sorry if dats is inappropriate) so she sent A GAZILLION of resumes and eventually got paid off by IBS, one of the station and her amazing TALENT brought the team together. From an uptight News Anchor up till d dumbest -AMERICAN-DICTIONARY-READER (i think) :: well basically she pull the trigger off everyones head n make each one of them realized dat they were SPECIAL. She handles a lot of PRESSURE and CHALLENGES up till a 3 seconds emergency ON-AIR situation. 
    The story ended as she was leading the team and the rating is FREAKIN INCREASIN :: She nailed it.

    :: Morning Glory ::

    Love this story and will watch it over-n over-n over again. Love ya Rachel McAdams and d whole crew of course.
    p/s : d song pick were AMAZING n ma personal fav was when Becky was running from the interview to get back to the studio :: If I'm not mistaken the title for the song is GONE IN THE MORNING :: performed by Newton Faulkner :: Well dats ol FOLKS :: 


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