• We wield this incredible shield that protects us from expressing all the flooding feelings. We know how to drained them, but our facial expressions were far too grand to hide them. Our emotions are like layered onions. Sandwiched together, but transparent. Though they are blurry enough that you can't see the core of it. 

    Oftentimes we got caught in our overwhelming feelings. It's draining the hyper soul and social juice that we had. But never the love that's overflowing the tiny flask, or jar, or glass, or cup. The love that sometimes got mistranslated, misunderstood, mistaken, and oftentimes, unappreciated. 

    It was never easy to hold on to the past that has shaped you to the person you are now, and it was the doubtfulness of the future that got us stuck unmoving, lodged like a log. None to the right, nor to the left. Like a prestigious statue that people worship, we stood still and waiting for someone to dig up layer by layer to know our true intentions. And in the midst of it, plenty has gone weary, an awful lot has given up, a bunch got tired, and only a few. 

    Only a few kept going despite we're chasing them out. Despite we're saying no, and shutting doors. These precious gems, these fighting souls, may come off as stupid and dumb to thaw a thick ice, but to us, they're noble. 

    Why would you conquer a Capricornia? What is there to gain? They are the same thick dumb statues and statuettes that was molded, chiseled and hammered by sculptors. Varied in different heights and lengths and weights and thickness and material. It wasn't so much of the art of conquering the statues and statuettes, rather it's an opening doors to let them (Capricornias) feel, and let loose, and be more free-spirited than their rigid stones. So more people would feel less intimidating towards them, and make them approachable. Oftentimes it was pure, but sometimes, it was just merely normal feelings. Of sadness, of happiness, hopeful, fear, and love. 

    Of all the loud rumors circling around a Capricornia, is that, one is generally very inspiring, particularly as independent and follow one's own paths so fiercely. One can seem cold and uncompassionate when you first meet them. However, deep down, they are loyal, dependable, and devoted. They simply have high walls. They might need to spend years with someone before they feel comfortable opening up about their emotions. They might be a standing still statues and statuettes, but they care about people closest to them, as they only have a few close friends -but they will stay friends for life. They are also incredibly close with their families and value traditions that they will pass down to their own children. Capricornias keep themselves closed off to most of the world, so if they let you inside, they value you immensely.

    But sword and shield wielders behold, once you've opened up a door, a tiny little crack will form and if you're not careful, the whole structure will collapse. It will no longer be a mission of divide and conquer, but they'll make sure it's an effort to guide and nurture. Every step of the way matters, and the best thing about having the conquer-ship with Capricornia, to every kindness you showered them, they'll reply ten folds.