• .:: When Lips Sing n Lips Shines ::.

    im dumb but im not stupid
    and ive no idea wad d song was about
    but FINE is not like d way you sing just now

    n mybe i got carried away
    and dealing with thing like you 
    and thing like me meaning? being different?
    yup being different
    ive no idea how disappointed i was
    im sorry
    i know both of us r working hard to make this work
    just seeing the way u r with somebody else
    it breaks my heart
    im just gonna say im working as hard as u too
    to make this work
    but i say
    u dont have to do that ... cause ur job
    is to be urself
    n mine ...
    is to love u no matter what
    n when we stick with that one
    we'll be great
    i can promise that

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