• Takbir dan Talkin: Commentary

    There were just too many deaths happening too often this past couple of weeks. We were usually reminded that those who passed on too early, were beloved of Allah. They were gone too soon, cause Allah loves them more, and they were blessed to no longer sin on this brief Dunya. 

    I've lost quite a handful of those I admired. Those who I cherished, and those who I loved. It broke my heart every time the news was passed on. My soul sunk, and the grieving was endless. I always reminded myself that, this part of life is just temporary, and a rather pitstop before all of us gather in the hereafter, insyaAllah. 

    Dealing with death was quite overwhelming to be very honest. One minute you were processing the news still, one minute the body of the one you love is in front of you, ready for burial. Burial/Funeral, on the other hand, is equally sorrowful, and humbling. It's the experience of it all, knowing that your life is short, that you needed to be kind and to love, and to spread good, and like how the hands of time were ticking, so does your life. 

    In the whole ordeal, you gotta be prepared physically and utmost important, mentally. You gotta keep strong, but never invalidate that you needed to grieve. Cry when it hurts the most, those tears will eventually wipe away the heavy burden on the shoulders. It's the only mechanism to express the sadness, the despair, the loss. 

    Fix your intentions to finish arwah's business on Dunya, and left no regrets in saying goodbye. Celebrate the well-lived life, and reflects on all the goods and kindness done by arwah. Always, always, always, say thanks to those who came, who've helped, pre, during, and post-funerals. 

    Finally, pray tirelessly, pray for arwah's business in the hereafter, and pray for those who still live, so that we could all leave this brief Dunya, in Husnul Khatimah. Amin-amin, ya Rabbal Al-Amin. 

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