Any idea what could have come out from the number hundred? Gettin full marks for exam? Gettin HUNDRED CASH by hand? So what? Haha, Menggo Bloggars, so this is the OFFICIAL ANASYG's post number HUNDRED ! 

    Yay - Achieved ! Btw, celebrating the HUNDREDTH, here's a post, I got this from a friend of mine, and I just decided it was SWEET, and post it here. Thanx dear for this. Begin reading the post :

    Why is there a MOON, even though it's daylight but there is never a SUN when it's night time ?

    Because, the MOON, had grown care for the SUN, and always hope to be together with him. Though, during the night falls, SUN couldn't be with dear MOON, but the least he could do for her is ::

    to share his light | to shine MOON during night

    and to somehow convey the message of, he also had feelings for her.

    ~Happy Hundredth Post Anasyg !

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