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    Salam Henyo Menggo Bloggars - in short SHMB - Wad d ... Another hate-mail comin rite up, would it be sufficient if we just hate one thing from someone n not his ENTIRE story -

    The Plague happening amongst Malaysian Bloggers nowadays, they post to many posts-which is not entirely read by any of his o her followers, enable shout box, disable comment features (scared of dealing with people's critics) n what seems too good to be truth is these 5 things :

    - Music provided : BUT NOT THE ON/OFF BUTTON -while at the same time that particular blogger post SO MANY videos which you can't even listen to because of the faults of the SYOK SENDIRI AUDIO. One thing pals : Yes you are the owner of ur blog, ur musics were ur choice, but CHOP ! is it that u have NON-FOLLOWER who'd followed u? Ok, then, they wanna read ur blog, then, they wanna hear something GOOD- not something that u alone felt good- but not the ears of others. Be considerate !

    - TOO MANY FLASHES and BLINK2 - ok- i understand the IRRESISTIBLE add designs, add flashes, add blink2, but girl/o in this case- boy... IT WAS TOO MUCH ! sakit mata lol Control of the simplicity of ur blog templates : One thing is that : Yes IT IS UR BLOG memang ada haku kesah : but the thing is : WE : US : ur follower, we want ur blog to be easy reading-Nak load pun da half-day : let alone all the flashes n ur add. Ringankan beban pembaca anda ye.

    - NEXT : PICTURES : uhui ... photo albums, yet again : I do NOT care less about ur photos u wanna post, but girl/o in this case boy... Ur post was only THREE LINES space-taken, which is can be loaded in a nick of time, but UR PHOTOS, were all over the place. From top till the bottom of the web-server. Adoi, beragak lah. N if it was the photos related to your post, its ok though, but what if ... IT WAS JUST YOUR PHOTOS? With the damn same POSE ! Imagine 140 plus plus PHOTOS, with ur signature MULUT ITIK-Pose, o KERUT DAHI-Pose, o SEDAYA UPAYA MEMBESARKAN MATA-Pose, o HANDS ON THE HIPS-Pose, o disgusting Lick-to-be Lidah terjelir Pose... Adoi ... I'll give u a F. Figure that out. 

    - Last but not least, the ORIGINALITY of ur post. Peeps, be original, even if u wanna copy paste something, give some credits to the owner, by tagging their names or sites they owned, but don't write something SO VAST : which we know it doesn't even come out from ur brainy, then, U CLAIMED it was urs. Hey, apa hukumnya mencuri lol.

    So, as a CONCLUSION, u r d owner of ur own BLOG, u r d one who is RESPONSIBLE at what u write, be considerate, be simple, be original - da macam tagline Hadidas plak, ouh n one more thing, MIND WHAT U TYPED. Chiao Bloggers.

    p/s : this Hate-mail is purposely generated in English so that the person mentioned will NOT be able to understand

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