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    Ola Bloggars ! In conjunction with zi celebration for 2012, how bout some 'refreshments' on d best look cameras ever captured on the red carpet n which artist makes d cut to be the most Glamorous look of d night. To start with the number dat we'll soon gonna miss - ALL OUT ELEVEN !

    #do take note ya : these are snappies from googlies, n do respect ma deliberation on  every celebs. -anyhow, those are ma opinion-

    No. 11 #Gwyneth Paltrow
    Wootwoot : Ms. Paltrow looks glamorously GREEN in that dress. 
    Boo : Maybe she should tone down a bit coz some folks might think she was a glittering bedazzled Christmas tree

    No. 10 #Emma Watson
    Wootwoot : Her bobbed hair style go along wid d chic jacket 
    Boo : Is dat an ill-knitted kilt?

    No. 9 #Sandra Bullock
    Wootwoot : Yup-she rawks d look. Jump-suit is so Ms. Bullock
    Boo : Comb ur hair ! She could try to clutch something o else her hands fall dead


    No. 8 #Emma Stone
    Wootwoot : No flaws -uh uh, none. Perfect color 
    Boo : some would say dat she looks naked -boo, they just caught up in their jealousy-

    No. 7 #Nicole Kidman
    Wootwoot : Dat hair + dat cutting : umph
    Boo : Is dat some transparent linen? o I just missed?

    No. 6 #Olivia Wilde
    Wootwoot : Hell Yes to dat color n her make-up : mixed well
    Boo : Think poles ... think vertical #lol

    No. 5 #Uma Thurman
    Wootwoot : Ms. Thurman is an angel dat one time
    Boo : Put ur best friends on u Uma -DIAMONDS !

    No. 4 #Angelina Jolie
    Wootwoot : Even d fashion police would shut their effin mouth. Green to Globe Award
    Boo : I rest ma case

    No. 3 #Natalie Portman
    Wootwoot : Yup, mama girl bringin d GOSH-in Gorgeous
    Boo : D neck line please...too wide

    No. 2 #Taylor Swift
    Wootwoot : She's d barbie doll : indeed beauty
    Boo : She invented this ms. mannequin pose

    No. 1 #Catherine Middleton
    Wootwoot : Say Hello to LAVENDIVA ! All hail d well executed flawless dress
    Boo : You won - I boo u no more

    Cheers ! 

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