• O Holy Ramadhan

    O Holy Ramadhan 
    You have come to us
    You have come with uncountable fadilat
    opening the doors of heaven 
    Allah listen to our prayer
    O Allah forgive us since we have sinned
    Sinned You, sinned the earth, sinned the human

    O Holy Ramadhan 
    Came again to guide us
    To be a better person
    A good Muslim
    A better Mukmin
    The best Muhsin
    A humble Mukhlis
    A success Muttaqi

    Now Allah had demanded 
    Go fast from dawn to dusk 
    Pray you must
    Hold your tongue 
    Tied your lust
    Control your anger
    Pray you must

    O Holy Ramadhan
    Yet it comes
    Bring forth the glee and joy
    The light among the other month
    And the ten night before you leave
    The night of Decree is hidden in blunt of it
    To find us the greatest good of thousand months
    to bow and worship O Allah 
    Our God

    O Holy Ramadhan 
    How I wish you'd stay
    Put up some more lights in the hearts to fade
    But it is by time we meet again
    Shall I celebrate to you the most I must
    As you will gone the next month
    You are worth the wait
    O Holy Ramadhan

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    1. salam ramadhan :)

    2. selamat berpuasa (:

    3. apy ramadhan my fren

    4. salam Ramadhan , selamat berpuasa :)

    5. selamat brpuasa anasyg :)

    6. selamat berpuasa ;)

    7. slmaat berpuasa pada siang hri dan slamat berterawikh dimalam hari anas..=))

    8. siap berpuitis...salam ramdhan

    9. salam ramadhan..
      bakarah ramadhan :)

    10. selamat menyambut ramadhan kawan :)