• When Life Throws You a Lemon

    This entry was a pending draft since 15.Sept and published today 22.Sept. Of those whom questioned my absence, here's a response post. 


    Hey geng. So, it's cloudy outside, and it is too...inside here. *hand on chest. I am so pissed and upset but mostly sad after the result of my upu reapplication was up. I didn't get a spot in any IPTA for this year. I was hoping that  I can step in either UKM o UPM for my degree, but unfortunately I didn't make the cut. It was a horrible feeling, knowing that, your only chance to succeed in your life by studying to the next level has reached an exit door. 

    Frankly saying, I was kinda hoping to excel more than lot of people out there, plus I wanna proof to my family dat I am worth of something more than just a post-dip. Have a healthy competition between my ex classmates that I can achieve what I wanted. Have fun being in my twenties. Study hard, play hard, let loose and let the life plan it ahead of me. 

    Indeed, life already planted a fate on me. Not cool. 

    It's not easy. Let alone my dip's path. So many obstacles, ups and downs, it's just surreal. It was a DAMN TIRING THREE YEARS. 3 years of dealing with problems, dealing with people, dealing with what the Uni life would have to offer you. Dealing with so many issues, the pros and cons, the sad and happy moments. GOLD. It's not unpleasing, but life never promise to be smooth and clean. Who had ever a life like that? But remember, that life is worth it. It's worth the try, worth the effort, the sweats and blood, the memory is GOLD. You can't buy them, it needs to be earn. 

    In my despair hour, I would like to thank Allah, He knows what came into my mind right after I received the upsetting news. suicide? I would like to thank Aidiel for being such a supportive friend. Eventho we never met, but he's such a nice young man. He wrote THIS to ease me up. Thank you a billion Aidiel. :) 

    You know...those sayings like never give up, there's always something better for you the next time, and yadda-yadda. Those are DEFINITELY TRUE! I just have to put a little faith in myself, Allah, and what have written for me. I quote this from Aidiel's entry. 

    Kita merancang, Allah juga merancang. Tapi perancangan Allah adalah lebih baik. I was so touched, to the point that I cried reading that post. *ye saya berhati lembut.

    I remember my teachers' saying back then when I was in high school. Tho I couldn't remember the exact wording, but here's the idea of her most inspired words. 

    When the road seems tough, and your feet all sore. 
    And the debts are high, though the funds are low. 
    When you can only sigh, just move slow. 
    Have faith and trust, and get a grip. 
    Rest if you must, but never you quit. 

    If it was written that I do not belong to any IPTA this year, who said that I can't be for the next year? Anas...DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE! Allah is always with those who have faith and keep being patient. To comfort my own heart, and your reading. Here are some quotes, suitable for this post. 

    And the answer for the typical phrase, If life throws you a lemon, make a lemonade. :) 

    No worries, as for today, my emotion has regained stable. :) Ta sedih2 da, in fact I have one major news to share witcha guys. Tunggu jelah k. 

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    1. yeayyy!
      chill lah :)
      everything gonna be sweet by time.

    2. huhhh. kan dah ada diploma. keje ngan diploma sudah la. hehehe pepun..usahakan diri anda untuk maju :)

    3. Alhamdulillah, good to know that u had motivated yourself and not giving up ^^
      I wish u for the best good luck ;D

    4. setiap apa yg berlaku ada baiknya.
      cuma,lambat atau cepat,kita akan nampak kebaikan itu.
      Allah kan Maha Mengetahui apa yang terbaik untuk hamba-Nya.

      Allah uji,sebab Allah sayang dan Allah tahu kita mampu ^^,

    5. lamaanya dia senyap kan....

      insyallah,anas...rezeki anda akn tibe in ur future nanti..amin..

      "benda yang senang tidak mudah utk dikecapi "..jadi, kita besush dahulu, bersenang kemudian..

    6. Jangan putus harapan. Sentiasa ada jalan. :)

    7. kejayaan datang bila-bila masa je, kita hanya perlu berdoa kepada Allah je :)

    8. first comment nak cakap 'aik nama lo la dah tukar jadi syahira adisa pula'. hehe. keyy sha pun tak nak comment panjang. ye betul perancangan lebih hebat dari segalanya. insyaallah rezeki tak kemana.
      sha tahu bangngahhhh ni bukan seorang yang cepat give up. its a normal thing macam sha juga. apply U tapi dapat poli.kena reject dengan U.tapi ada hikmah semua tu.chaiyokkk bangngahhhH! (:

      *kata tak nak commet panjang,tercomment juga. heh. peace yaw.

    9. This entry is so inspiring.
      Well done Anas.
      Tabahkan hati.
      Agree dengan ape yang hang cakap, maybe Allah akan bagi something yang lebih baik.
      Kan hidup ni macam tayar.
      Kadang kadang kita di atas, kadang kadang kita di bawah.
      Sometimes sad, sometimes happy.
      So, tabah kan hati, kuatkan Iman, banyak kan bersabar and the most important thing is, Don't give up ye Anas. :))

      Fighting !

    10. bagus la kalau ade kawan baik yang brada di sisi time memerlukan..take care of him

    11. sabar, da hikmah d sblik smua yg ptg awk brsyukur sbb awk msh d brikan cabaran tu tndanya ALLAH syg awk. dia nk tgk sjauh mna kesabrn yg awk da n sthp mna daya thn awk,...never give up, once u born u will face the obstacles to face the happiness someday... k :)

    12. Yeah Anas!! Never Give Up! ^^

      Tak kisah berapa susah ujian yang Allah bagi, JANGAN SEKALI-KALI lupekan Allah =)

      HE's always there for u, for me, and others

      Ganbatte Anas!!

    13. @dee: terima kasih byk2 dee - insyaAllah. :)

    14. @Azriff Aziz: Terima kasih ref, sedang bekerja ni ha,hehe. :)

    15. @Everything's Everythings" terima kasih everything2. Really appreciate it

    16. @Miss Fifi: betul cikgu, terima kasih atas kata2 semangat tu ye. :)

    17. @Qaseh Dania: insyaAllah thin. Anas belajar bersabar. :) terima kasih thin.

    18. @Fel: InsyaAllah Fel. Terima kasih fel. :)

    19. @Aidiel Spiderwicks: InsyaAllah aidiel, anas ta pernah lupa utk berdoa. :)

    20. @Sha Messy: Terima kasih sha. byk bg kata2 semangat kat bang ngah :) really appreciate it.

    21. @Kamal Lee: Terima kasih Kamal. Lama ta borak2 ngan kau :) insyaAllah semuanya akan ok. Terima kasih byk2 sbb bg kata2 semangat.

    22. @Edy Fee: Edy pun kawan baik anas :) terima kaish edy.

    23. @♥♥szumika sakni♥♥: InsyaAllah szumika. Betul2, dia nak uji kita. Thanks bg kata2 semangat kat anas.

    24. @Cik Sakura: Betul tu cik sakura, Allah sentiasa ada. :) terima kasih cik sakura.

    25. Always remember that the Sun will shine after a thunderstorm :)