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    Hyep :) Whatcha doin? I'm doing fine mate. If u guys feelin kinda sick - haste to the doc okeyh. :) peace. 

    Last four days was my FULL shift, because Luckily for my bar-partner, she was in her annual leave for three days plus one Off day. *bertuah ko dik. The big test perhaps the weekends orders. I did my little counting at the end of the day. Where as I end up exhausted with 194 beverage orders per night (on the Saturday) and followed by 150 beverage orders on Sunday. Yet, the bigger test was...this one HOT-DOUBLE-R-RATE opportunity asked by someone. *taken the consideration that this blog is public, I wouldn't want to risk putting any position or clue to the person in charge of making the deal with me. (hope u guys understand my situation) 

    I think you guys figured it out already dintcha? 

    Well, ofkos...it's another job offer. Why I said another? Honestly...it wasn't the first one. I was offered another job before this. Still in the f&b line, still as a service crew but with a worthier amount of paycheck than my current. *kenapa senyum? Last Friday the person called me, asking about my details regarding my appointment job here, than he offers me the post in his new restaurant. 

    The other offer was asked by another someone. He wanted me to go follow him to a new place he's handling rite now. It's a new restaurant, both under a mall, both offer worthier amount of money, both offer F&B line job, and both dealer whom I know. 

    My lovely cuz advised me on Istikharah, same goes to my buddies at work. There's no point of working ur ass off in ur work place, but getting so low amount of money, or worse, even the sale are high, you still get THAT amount of money. I'm not trying to say, I'm not happy with my salary, but I personally think I needed a raise, since I'm handling the bar now. I can do multitasking at the same time. Bar order, service crew, a lil bit of cashier work, and also the opening and closing of the bakery. See...it wouldn't sounds fair if you are handling quite a lot of task, but being paid the same amount of money. 

    That may contribute of my SAY-YES to the offer. Plus, FYI, I already declined the first offer, since I was told that the restaurants serves Alcohol, but to be exact, my current working place is also serves alcohol BUT ! only my non-muslim manager will handle the serving. I wont touch a thing. Just like my ustazah said, it's not nice to work under a premise which selling those stuff. 

    *nak ikutkan, Seven E, and 99 Speedmart pun Muslim people cannot work, because that HARAM thing is there. 

    Back to the main point, I'm in a junction, whether to stay or follow the offer. Is it worth the transfer? Is it worth after my 3 months adapted environment here? 

    Gambar ni hiasan je :)

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    1. mana yg terbaik untuk anda, sy sokong

      seronok plak ye, skrg dh entry pasal keje

      dah besar pun owg tuhh

    2. kale yg offer tu its more better, why not anas try kan tpi anas baru je adapt dgn keje skng kan...

      insyallah, t anas dpt petunjuk which one yg baik tuk anas...=)

      fikir masak masak..hehe..^^

    3. Orang kata.. "Luas permandangan.. banyak pengalaman.." Cuba la sesuatu yang baru sementara belum kerja tetap.. lain tempat lain keadaan.. banyak mengenali sesuatu yang baru.. cepat mematangkan kita. nampak kerja di tempat yg agak sama..
      oh btw.. boleh tambah kredit dalam resume ^_^

    4. moga solat istikharah yg anas laksanakan membawa kpd yg terbaik buat anas dunia akhirat

      biasanya antara tanda bahawa itulah jalan yg patut kita pilih adalah segalanya menjadi sangat mudah dan lancar utk menuju ke arah tu

    5. choose which is u think is the best for u, u know better right :)

    6. salam, betol kate cuz tu, solat istiharah,
      fikir masak2, dan opinions atas ni pon dah bernas dah hehehe
      think what best for you, its ur life, we are here to support u all the way bro :)
      have a nice life, keep on smilin', work hard for ur future, :)
      chat with us sometimes k hahaha

    7. :)
      solat istiharah byk2
      pilih yang terbaik utk diri
      timba pengalaman byk2
      kami selalu menyokong ape je yg anas buat :)

      p/s : keep smilin' anas...ur smile cheerin' up the day :)

    8. @bukankosong kan, sebelum ni asyik pasal assignment blah2, skang pasal kerja plak :)

    9. @Qaseh Dania: insyaAllah, dah made up my mind thin. Terima kasih atas komen anda :)

    10. @Putera Shahzan: hehe, betul gak tu encik hariz. Tengoklah camne nnt ye :P

    11. @Ri: insyaAllah Ri.

    12. @LaLa mhdnor: terima kasih lala :)

    13. @yuri: wsalam yuri. U're here to support me? hehe, thank you very much. :)nnt i chat ngan u ok

    14. @Only Shafiq: terima kasih banyak2 bang :) my smile cheering ke? hehe. tq