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    So kelmarin, aku baru pas tengok favorite FOX-TV Series aku tu, yg aku gila2kan sangat tu. GLEE :) Diorang celebrate 100th episodes. So, set list utk songs dlm episodes tu pun superb2, boleh dikatakan, semua Gleeks tunggu episode kali ni, termasuklah aku yang superduper excited. Macam their first two episodes yang buat double tribute-episodes utk The Beatles, kali ni pun double episodes Celebrating 100th episodes. *byknya perkataan episodes. 

    Yang buat semua Gleeks superbly excited was, the old cast gathering! Ada Mercedes Jones, ada Mike Chang ada Puck, ada Brittany, and ofkosh the NYC Trio, Rachel, Santana and Kurt, tapi yg paling SUPER EXCITED nak tengok ialah : DIANNA AGRON aka QUINN FABRAY. 
    QUINN datang celebrate sekali :) hehe. Wad happened in the episodes? Now wud u just follow my lead :) So the club meeting started with Mr. Schue's thank you speech to the Alumni members of Glee, who showed up in such short notice. Among them includes 
    Rambut Mike Chang..pergh. 
    The sweet2 lady kisses :) Brittany *dah selamat deliver baby boy si Heather Morris ni. 
    Ni buah hati saya :) hehe...oh Quinn dear, couldn't you be any less perfect? 
    Opening performance, from dear2 April Rhodes (Kristin Chenowith) singing Raise Your Glass with Mr. Schue :)

    Afterwards, Puck walks in d hallway, dan kita diperkenalkan dengan bf baru Quinn, Biff Macintosh. *silly name. LOL
    Chace Crawford y'ol!
    Nampak tak muka nakal Brittany tu? Hehe, Santana pujuk dia nak 'threesome' nyanyi lagu Toxic. :) Oh, wad happened to me? I died. 
    Enjoy ur eargasm people. Seriously...I just died. 
    Quinn dgn Biff dating, then Mike, Artie, Puck dgn Santana join sekali :) 
    Later, Brittany invites Rachel and Mercedes utk Fondue for Two *her internet-talk-show :) super cute. And again...they settle their all-time glee-club-frenemies-feud with DIVA-OFF part 2. And the only song for a diva off is..Defying Gravity :)

    And again..I lie down there, fainted of an excited heart. LOL. Moving on, it was suppose to be Puck's turn to sing, but Santana barge in and propose to sing a dance duet with Brittany, and the one and only song that you guys can run the beat along :) Frickin Valerie! There...I died again.

    Unfortunately I donno y I can't link the Full Performance video directly from the YouTube, you guys shud check that one out :) so, I replace it with the full-audio song ok :) jgn risau, it's still there somewhere in YouTube. Jake and Mike dancing (OoO) urgh! supercool.

    And only after that, Puck drive us along into a sentimental piece :) all time favorite. Keep Holding On :) Where he caught Quinn's crying. Aww...sweet2 Quinn. This is yet another nice job well done from the Alumni Glee members :)

    The votes to choose which diva sang her heart out is done, tho before that, Santana bitched out bout Rachel and she ran to the restroom, later accompanied by Mercedes, to ease her out :)  
    Aaand they hugget it out like a pro :) The truth is out, when Sue dug out the information bout April Rhodes charitable foundation money from the Wikipedia. (=.=') LOL Sue. All April assets was put to frozen. So April Rhodes is actually penny-less. Hmm, bummer. Still, the Glee club will be close off of the school.
     Here you go, my favorite scene :) Puck belasah mamat Biff ni
    He was calling my sweet2 Quinn as the most hyprocrite person he ever met. Padahnya, kena tarik hidung! Pastu Puck campak masuk dumpster. Serves u rite u little prick.
    Soon enough, April apologize and later came Miss Holly Holiday stopping by y'ol. Refused to sing any songs from previous performances, she sings Happy by Pharrell :) COOLIO TIMES HUNDRED

     They looked upon Finn's jersey and wondering did he forgive them? And then Quinn said, they saved him, with Rachel :)
    Santana talks a little sense into Brittany, saying that she shudn't hide her true passion of music and dancing. And sapa yg dah tengok full episode je tau wad happened next :) wink2
    Quinn : Stay
    Me : DIED!
    Mr.Schue bg pep-talk, end up emotionally burst into tears, because he was so proud of his former glee members and that soon will be just a tiny memory of McKinley High School.
    This right here when both April and Holly agreed of saving the glee club :) wanna know how? Next week punya episode lah der. Hehe. 

    Thank you for tuning to my blog, baca sampai habis, clicked and watched the whole performance :) thank you thank you. Sekarang korang tahu kan betapa hardcore-nya aku dgn GLEE ni :) hehe. Sorry terlambat update, plus so many thing has happened. Nnt kalau aku rajin aku share ok :) Kalau berminat boleh baca my first full episodes review of Glee dekat SINI dan SINI

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    1. hihi.. kira hard-dying fan glee lah ni kan. ecah pun baru nk berjinak2 tgk glee =)

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    3. hermm minat glee tp dh lama tk tengok :(
      quinn cun perghh :)

    4. ee pernah tgk glee tp berapa eps je. hahaha. syok kan?

    5. wan suke tengok episode charice tu je...hahaha ternganga mulut dorang dengan charice nyanyi :P

    6. Aaaaaaaaa, dah lama tak tengok Glee. Habis final ni kena cari masa tengok Glee pula. Ketepikan K-drama pula lepas ni.

    7. rindunya nak tengok glee yg deduluu :(((

    8. @aisyahAZ: yup, mmg die-hard. Baru nak berjinak? selamat berjinak2 hehe.

    9. @siaraElina: harus try tonton :) sbb lagu2 dalam tu catchy dan worth listening to :)

    10. @ninaahassan: tengoklah balik, dah nak masuk season finale dah :) quinn mmg cantik bak hang

    11. @nurulee: beberapa episode tu berapa agak2nya ea? hehe. best2.

    12. @wan:yup, yg tu best jugak, skrg follow tak? ke dorongan kpop lebih besar, hehe

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