• The Tumbling Turbulence Towards Twenty Three

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    Not ur typical, wish-lists-kinda entry. This is a bit different. Well, different is good and *insert vulgar words if you still down there questioning me. LOL. Oh and one more thing is that, this entry is super long. :) thank you.
    Assalamualaikum w.b.t. For ya guys yg tak tahu, just a quick flashback, last couple of weeks, I've been busy bukan sahaja dgn final presentations and assignments and meetings for programs, but then on the 10th of Dec, twas Wednesday, my sis Kak Farah was admitted to Hospital Serdang, and after her blood test result came out, she was warded with dengue fever. Her initial temperature was effing 40.8 degree Celsius, bet I can boil egg with that tempt. I got a text message from my other sis Kak Yan saying I am not to worried, and focus on study. 

    Ya, like that's ever possible. On the very night I asked for my second brother to come and pick me up dkt Bangi, the next day terus pergi melawat Kak Farah. She's in a shit-shape tho. I fed her sup ketam to push down her temperature. Semua orang tau kut, kalau denggi je kena makan sup ketam, jus pucuk betik, or make it sebagai ulam, 100plus, anggur hitam, any berries, jus tebu tanpa gula, what else? Name it. That's your effort to at least sustain the patients' energy to fight off the fever. 

    Long story short, she was transferred to the ICU on Friday to be monitored more on her system. After a struggling eight days, akak was discharged on the 18th (Thursday). Alhamdulillah. 

    Ya guys wanna know the sweetest part was? People visiting akak during her days dkt ward, her friends, majikan akak pun dtg, saudara mara, semua sudi datang. Just when I thot the sweetness has fade away, after my short arrival dkt Kolej the week after, ramai kawan2 aku tanya bout akak. 

    :') I cried. Blissfully blessed with a group of thotful people, great vibe amongst great people, thanks guys. Classmates, Bdak2 whatsapp, instagram, bdak2 Kolej, thanks sbb tanya. For ya guys, ia hanya sebuah pertanyaan like, Akak kau camne? But for me, it shows ya guys care, and ya guys concern bout ur friends. Its a soothing for me. Thank you Allah. I replied with a smile, saying my akak is progressing healthily, just keep on praying for her. In Sha Allah, Allah will reply ur doa 10 folds.

    Then it comes to this. I had 6 presentations. Hah, don't get me started on this hectic days of being presence in class to present. Just look at my jotters, pening kepala. In the centre table was my exam timetable. Pergh, dah kena start study ni. How bout no...huhu.
    On Tuesday I had a Talk Show for Oral Communication, and on the same day a fun one with Linguistic and Language. Followed by Academic Communication on Wednesday and Kepimpinan dan Kreativiti by night. On Thursday, I got Foundation English, which Alhamdulillah, Ms. Lee favored our group so much that she wanted a personal video presentation :) 
    My favorite team with the ever beautiful Dr. Zaini wearing pink scarf.
    Adiba R. Zulina F. Anas A. and Atika S. Love these girls so much
    Linguistics and Language Presentation with yet another amazing people. Ekin, Taufiq and Ecah. Thanks guys
    Foundation English with Tiha, Kiera(sitting), Ms. Lee, and Taufiq. :) great job guys.
    Here's an extra point to all my loyal readers, ada video utk korang. :) My Academic Presentation. My topic was sky burial, go look it up. Special thanks to my ex-mentor during my dip year, Ms. Zamila ticking my curious mind utk further read on sky burial. Hah, dah dua kali aku letak link. Go take a peek. hehe.
    Last but not least, on last Friday I had my Komunikasi Efektif presentation, which we're assigned to act a sketch. Ya, to my surprise my group wrote a script about Mat Rempit kena tahan dengan polis. Haha, guess who's the Mat Rempit. 
    thanks Nat :) credit: communitychannel
    By then I was so exhausted, I had it up till here (shows chest) to breath. So, like every other complaining students, I need a breather. Like a looong breather. I had to go back. So I did. Last Saturday I went home, and still here, tho this is the study week, but...Naa. Today's my birthday, who's going to study on their birthday. I need presents. A lot lot lot of present. :) 

    But a boy asked me to choose between worldly(dunya) matters, and the afterlife(akhirah) which in this context, dia ajet2 pious, then I jaw-dropped him by saying. Why not both? He asked again, why?

    It's my Effing birthday you kid, I ought to choose any gifts I want. I'll go with both. Get what I mean? 

    p/s: It's my 23rd birthday :) Alhamdulillah Allah has granted this long life, how I wish I could've spent it a little bit better in making myself as a humble servant to Him. Thanks Abah, Mak, family :) Xnak panjang2 birthday wishes, sbb td at first dah warning awal2 dat dis entry will be a slight different with any other birthday entry, so takat ni je. :) 

    Assalamualaikum 2014 :)

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    1. Cantiknya your writing and happy birthday, Anas :)

    2. happy belated bdayy..btw nice writing..i like y0ur 'G' alphabet..ahha

    3. Woah, adakah saya terlambat ???????? Heppy belated birthday ABANG Anas hahahahaha =P Btw, cantik tulisan =) Hikhik

    4. @farah: thanks Farah, u can write lg cantik dr ni, I tau. heee

    5. @cikKarmila: thanks cik karmila, hehe. G? simpul2 tarik. haha

    6. @siaraElina: tak, anda tak terlambat, saya yang balas lambat. gila lambat. haha. thanks Elina :)