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    Hey guys. Salam hari Jumaat. So on last Wednesday (9th May 2018) the whole Malaysia was shooketh on the poling results after our 14th General Election to pick a new governing body for Malaysia. 

    Ia merupakan satu pengalaman baru bagi aku sebab this was my first time voting. Kawan aku yang lahir bulan Januari/Februari 1991, this was their second since diorang sempat mendaftar utk vote at 13th PRU, 5 years ago (klau slh sila betulkn). So kalau nak cerita pengalaman first timer tu, sama je kut untuk any 90s babies especially 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96 & some of 97 babies. 

    I still remember how I'd registered dkt kampus dulu with one of my bff, and we were so excited to cast our first vote that will change the shape of the future. (bunyik nak gah je). Anyhoo, at that time I would already know by heart who should I cast my vote to since the tyrannical government yg dah memerintah and has been a pain in the ass for the past two semesters of their ruling. 

    The funny part of my first hand experience voting was that, the whole family has to go back to Sungai Buloh to vote, and I'm the only one tersangkut kena pergi vote dkt SK Batu Arang. Nasib baik sepupu aku pun vote kat situ, so we went early that morning. Cerita dia, sepupu aku ajak pukul 6.30 pagi! tak boleh blah (asdfghjkl) punyalah aku bgn awal pagi tu, sekali dia datang amik kat rumah pukul 7.50 dah nak dekat pukul 8. PIGIDAH JANJI MELAYU KAU IJAH!

    Once dah park kereta, time ni dah ada satu barisan luar sekolah sementara tunggu pintu pagar utama sekolah tu bukak since voting starts at 8 and kitorang sampai memang tepat pukul 8. Lucky us, tak ramai sangat time tu. We went in, and queue macam biasa. (Ada this one funny incident happened before I went to line up, tapi ni aku simpan koleksi peribadi jelah) So aku sempat borak dengan perempuan cina depan aku, she was so friendly with her warm smile. Dia tegur semua orang, and a few malay guys up front keep on reminding people queuing behind us by saying, Ni Saluran 5, Saluran 4 kat depan sana. (It was a small gesture tp jadikan the whole voting process a bit more smooth). 

    Petang tu, Ijah belanja Subway dkt Aeon Rawang & kitorang cari cendol sampai ke celah kampung semata2 and talk about everything yg dah lama pending (ni boleh save untuk entry lain kali). That night, I got home and stayed dpan tv smpai pukul 4 pagi, tengok Malaysia Memilih dekat Astro Awani. I gotta say this, Awani is by far, THE MOST HONEST & SPOT ON media yang takde filter dah nak jaga hati ke apa ke, dat was the kinda media dat we want. Bukan yang dok feeding us sugar-coated news, sampai naik berbulu telinga mendengar. 

    Later that morning at 3 am, it has been announced by our beloved Tun Mahathir that Pakatan Harapan won by simple majority of the parliament and dat made them our new government. It got so interesting during the whole process where I got to scroll twitter tgok warga twitter meroyan and bashing on SPR, all viral notes saying ada riot coming in Klang, Putrajaya and a few more places, saying akan ada darurat yadda yadda yadda. But apparently, everything went well and Alhamdulillah, the tyrannical dictator was brought down with fair and square via votes of furious but yet intelligent citizens. (Mama iz proud)

    PRU 14 has mark the image of how an election should work and how the voices of the citizens matter the most to change the governing body. & Afta dat long ass 60 years of dictatorship, we manage to secure a better future in some very good and promising hands of the new cabinet. A super sleek democracy indeed.

    I've read somewhere saying bout the past black history of our DSAI & Tun and how come they could shake hands and hug it out like nothing happened. Some people bash on saying the very next day, GST was still on going and that the new government was a lie and trash (yang ni, minx org yg cakap pasal GST belum terhapus tu, minx dia hapuskan diri dia sendiri please). I laughed it off. I've read some tweets and Instagram captions from our home-grown artists, Afdlin Shauki, Yuna, Adibah Noor by saying some very inspirational and almost tear-jerking stuff, congratulating the new government. 

    We are here to stay, protecting our nation out of bribery, out of scandals, out of conspiracy, out of scams, out of tyranny and dictatorship, out of abuse, out of everything that is wrong and manipulative to the people of the country. 9th May 2018 marks the day of a beautiful nation, changing for the better, growing for the better, and to the black history that will soon be use as a bidding point from the opposition to the new lineup of leaders, it was the power of forgiveness we saw beyond virtue. 

    From a lesson-learnt citizen, To the new governing government, For a better nation, 
    Salam Malaysia Baharu.
    Love, Anas Roshad.


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