• 9 Years Worth of a Diary

    It was a cold night back then. In a computer lab, super remote, ground floor of the administration building. We were having an IT class I reckon. That was the birth of this blog.

    It has gone thru countless of editing, drafts, template changes, tags, deleted entries, tribute posts, uploads for transfers, friend making medium, heart breaking (inevitable) and so much more. It has seen the admin in his tears, loudest laugh, purest heart, darkest secrets in the draft box, and a thousand more memories in the making.

    It acts as a personal diary, with almost 700 followers back then. But now, it just becoming a pit-stop for a late night writing session. It has been bridges linking new people, new ideas, new stuff to share, stories to be heard, people to meet, hands to shake, hearts to break. This has been the longest achievement I've managed to keep it alive.

    It has gone thru the most active years of its own. The PRIME blogging era, the one day up till 5 entries. The PING at almost 20 different FB pages. The tags, the chatbox, the drops, the visits, and everything in its power just to get people to come visit, and read. This blog has been thru it all.

    I must say, I was a bit disappointed when I can't sustain the activeness, the story telling, the segments, but yeah, life moves on. No ticking back, just ticking forward.

    It has witnessed lives, and deaths of people I've loved, I've known, I've talked to. It has witnessed love far greater than story books, dramas far worse than movies. It knows it all.

    In despite of all loses, there are gain. People can relate after the read. People responds, commented and react to the stories. That's what makes the writing a bit worthy. As of today, a friend of mine lost his dear father, my cousin wedded to a lovely girl. Life is so much more than just a piece of blogspot. Life is out there, waiting for adventurers, roaming and experience it themselves.

    In loving memory of the late Mohd Johari, my dear friend Akir, some other people highlighted to have gone left us for the Creator. Al-Fatihah.

    In lieu of new stories to write, new love to share, new dramas to unfold, Bismillah.
    It was a cold night back then. 9 years back then.

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    1. assalaam 'alaikum wa rahmatullah :)
      tahniah, anas! tak sangka masih berterusan blog ini,
      all the best for your future!