• .:: Debab Moments Second Series ::.

    Remember with ma lovely white n gray cat ?  He is having constipation problem so ma sister had to bring him to the vet. After check-up, done by d doc,she said dat he is really having a major problem because of his poops are already stuck n blocking d system. D doc have to sign him to the ward n he has to stay there for a day. A simple treatment were done (referring to d doc) she paralyzed Debab n syringed him with some kind of liquid which help his system to function well. After dat, ma sister fetched him n give him afterward treatment, medicines n psychological treatment. 

    According to d doc, his buttock's bone is making his rectum's hole a lil bit smaller than usual so dat he cannot deliver well in pooping, he needs help to poop, medicines n liquids need to be injected into his body. Sounds like a HELL of PAIN, but for his future good, we have to do it at any cost.
    Now ? He's a lot better, no more 'roar of pain', n for dat, d whole family are in big relief, knowing dat he can eat n drink normally again. 

    p/s : I will never forget to pray for his health > U guys do too k

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    1. cool ,,, :)

      soul ;)

    2. ofcoz i will..
      for your baby(i mean debab)huhuuhu..

    3. soul : y didn't u fill ur name as id name ? thanks btw
      nad : doa jgn ta doa k