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    Ever heard of The One Thousand and One Night stories ? Yup , no doubt almost everybody knew about d story, but do you know d actual history of the One Thousand and One Night stories seems similar with every bed time stories u ever had when u were lil ? D real thing is dat d stories were told by dis incredible life saver - Sheherazade , d woman whom saved a thousand of lives after he's very husband vanquished three thousands before her. Sheherazade was a regular lady in her town, a daughter of Wazir of d King (a Wazir is d person who sentence d wrong-doings to death) but d real wrong-doing here is dat d King himself which his grudge towards his ex-wife whom had been unfaithful with him, d King decided to marry each virgin woman he can find n kill them d day after. Apparently ... here come Sheherazade, willingly to marry d King by herself because of her wisdom, she had plan a very smart act to change d King's heart.
    Sheherazade telling stories to her younger sister
    >She would tell a story to her sister (which she politely ask for her husband d King's permission to bring at dat particular night because she told him dat her sister would be pleased to listen to her story) At the very dawn she woke her husband and tell him a story, unfortunately (for d King) it was d next day already which he suppose to kill Sheherazade, but because of the amusing story, he agreed to keep Sheherazade for another night to finish her story, and again Sheherazade wake him up at the very dawn to tell him d continuation of d story, n again it was hang unfinished because it was d day after. Eventually Sheherazade finish her stories n tricks at the 1001 nights of their wedding, d King fell in LOVE with dis amazing woman n had long forgotten about d death sentence. They had three sons n history knows they lived happily ever after. Isn't dis cool ?
    Noted : Sheherazade is definitely d classic strategist (if there were any wars) nn her talents n wisdom ! I gotta say  dis :: You Rawk Girl !

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