• .:: Official Countdown ::.

    Yup Bloggers ~ Anasyg is on his counting down-process. It has been a long-long-long journey of his free days on his holidays, so he better bring the spirit back, to move that lazy bum and go face a whole new challenge of his campus day. Anasyg will continues on his Third year at his college, and he will bring something new (Well at least he thinks it that way) , for ma fellow classmate, you guys do too ya, get ready for another challenge, this time it is BOLD. because we are already in our last year. So better bring the house down guys. 

    Btw Anasyg will be missing to update this blog, after this entry. because there are not many privilege down there, in campus. so that, maybe in two months time, God-Willing, I'll try to update an entry. (If and only if I got back home~pray for me ya). Later on Internship, and Practical thingy, and bla-bla-bla ... letters of approval of LOANSsss (6^9) urgh... and last but not least ... Graduation Day ! 

    Everybody in their studies, will at least once. ever thought about their graduation day. What will you guys wear? what suprise will you guys get? any special ceremony? any special certificate will be handed to you? any sash?... Hmmm...those are A BASKET OF QUESTIONS to be asked rite? Ouh k, then. Midnight around d corner guys. C ya !

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