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    If you are married you'll have Anniversary, but since I am unmarried yet~ and still a student in a local college, Happy Semasary for me ~ New Sem Yaw! Best Stike. Yesterday was d registration day, I suppose I am early a day for the reg, but | HADE HAKU KESA | 

    Early in d mornin. ma father drop me at KTM station and I have to head out to BANGI ~ JA...UH tu. One hour and 15 minutes ride. Luckily there were tons of empty seats avaliable, because it was 8.35 in the mornin. I remember there was this UNCLE~old man carrying a briefcase-probably heading to work, he BEBEL2 about Young people should stand n respect the Old people ~ he was talking in Chinese English ~ Haduhai Pon...
    I was about to stand to POLITELY give him my seat, because he was standing directly in front of me~ so I thought he was complaining just to have a seat. But~seconds away from my SACRED INTENTION, | Boleh? | He starts to talk about the HEALTHINESS OF STANDING ! | weh HUNCLE ~ lho mau duduk enggak? |

    So I decided to let him Stand ~ haha padan muka kau ~ after a while, he still talking in -HE ALONE UNDERSTAND HIS SLANG- a bunch of teenagers in front of him, they just relpied to him with some ERRR ... HAHA ... | takleh nak kata apa dah | Nevermind him, so he leaves at Kepong Central if I'm not mistaken, and I made ma way ~ arrived Bangi and waved by AN ANNOYING PAK CIK PREBET SAPU-which cost me 3 hengget, thnking dat ma ODM already strucks 9.45am, |Sapu jelah| so I arrived at Ma Lovely College | Sesape dak kolej aku, hmmm...tau sangat aku mempropakan diri | 

    D main hall was already crowded, filled with students, and MAK n PAK students. This sems Reg process was a lil different than the last sems, we students haf to get our MENTOR (which is our Lects) stamps and signature, then after that, we can proceed with the reg. so FIRST THING FIRST, I ran to ma Faculty Block and get it done~thanx to ma Mentor and her roomate~

    Next ! Bursary Line ~ Hell Long like River Nile~ I stand and waited like from 10am till 12.15 if I'm not mistaken, then I'm done and head off to the residence unit, and hell again, this time around, one of the FCUK staff, | dengan Bongkak CELAKA| ask me to get ma MENTOR's stamp~ unfortunately, ma mentor don't know bout dat~ well it was SHORT NOTICED | BHUDUH betuil staff berkenaan| settling up here and there ~ took me up till 1.30 pm sharp -just before AZAN ZOHOR- 

    For me, this sems reg procedure was a LIL SHIT but I can finish it up pretty quick~unlike last sems, it took me TWO HELL DAYS to finish JUST TO REG~ |gile punya kolej| Up next~ waitin for ma SCANDALs finish up~ then we head off to our DORM~ |Ni dah masuk citer lain dah| 

    p/s : I am really grateful to ma ONE AND ONLY GOD~ Alhamdulillah for the result~ Although it was a lil Frustrating~ because I didn't top off ma target but It was worth it.

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