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    Ohayo U' - japanese greeting (let d spelling be k)

    It's been quite a while I haven't post o hupdate anything in ma blog rite-yup missin ol d following thingy and blogwalking, but today, I had d possesion on ma sis laptop n her new bb-O Yeah. 

    I am officially registered in ma FIFTH semester and MA LAST YEAR here in ma college, -dats explain y I've been missing for about three weeks, I barely got time to surf d net, then with ol d shenanigans happening around, nek pening kepala aku, everything happened at once. - O Great Allah, lend me a strength o two, to survive dis. ~Amin.

    So I'm goin to tell ya guys out there, wad is d Reality of being a MALAYSIAN CITIZEN - sounds down-gredding haha - but ya'ah, it is. If anybody notices the public transportation add anywhere in the FAKE SCREEN - They are ... LIES 

    Why did I say so? Cause yes, after some like FOUR (F-with four little stars) decades, still d same TRAIN TRAFFIC, I read an article talking bout this problem, SUPRISINGLY, statistic was highlighting dat only 20% of Malaysians are using public transport, WAD D ? If u guys familiar with KTMB-o perhaps anything on trains and buses, u'll see, when it reaches d climax hours, like LUNCH at 1-2pm, and at Most 4-8pm, is D MOST ANNOYING TIME TO RIDE D TRAIN. I'm telling you based on experience, I remembered ma first time taking KTM, from Sg. Buloh to Mid Valley, which is one of the most HAWT SPOT for people to SARDINE-ing the couch. 

    Below is d listing of d Hawt Spot : KL Central, Bandar Tasik Selatan, Mid Valley, Kepong Sentral, and ma station-Sg. Buloh. To get to Sg. Buloh from d place dat I'm studying now, at Bangi, it took 14 stations and AN HOUR and 15 minutes of journey. It is always fix like dat, unless something happen to d train k-Nauzubillah. 

    D thing is, when there is any available seat, I can enjoy sitting for d rest of ONE HOUR, but if it does NOT? aduhai pun kan? so d deal is dat, I got a QUOTE yesterday, because I didn't get any seat through out d track. Standing at one corner, when you can't even move to d rite o to d left-URGH DAT SUCKS ! 

    Even though it is a BITTER part to swallow, though dat is d only thing public relies on to get to any destination-safe n CHEAP. haha, comparing to those SELFISH-bawak INSPIRA sorang-sorang, Berangan je, EARTH IS DYING LOL- 

    -keep hupdating later dudes, Gotta run-

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