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    Anyeong-ha-seyo (let d typo be k). Missing blog-walking, follow-ing n everything dat contributes to the on-forward of blog-ing thingy. Anasyg had safely landed home last Thursday, and I'm telling you, it's a hell o day. Wanna know y ? Keep reading peepies ...

    As usual, tanx to ma Mr. President of ma course' club, he handled a meeting at 4, when I supposed to be runnin home at 2 o perhaps 3, we wrapped up at about 6, n yadda-yadda-yadda ... Called for Code Nyellow (means code transportation emergency) went for ma friends and I'm off to KTM. 

    Now, here's d deal. Malaysian people loves PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION ! :: so do anasyg but unfortunately, for some others, they tend to think that, PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION R...SIMPLY PUBLICLY DOING THINGS ... urgh ! There's an Indian couple standin rite in front of me, n they were XOXO rite in front of US ! wad d ? Hey people, GET A ROOM !

    Next, I rode a bus home, at a traffic light, I saw two men riding a bike, a Chinese lady walks by, and they started to monkey around making a FULL FOOL of themselves. Just trying to get dat Chinese lady's attention. Oh Ma ...

    Lastly, ma bus pass by d night market's site, well it's kinda NIGHT MARKET-AFTER SITE. Unsurprisingly, the site is a whole ... BIG BIN ! Eye-sore, rubbish everywhere. 

    Hmmm ... Malaysian, Malaysian. I am proud to be Malaysian, as in D RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN, but not as in NO DIGNITY n down-grading Malaysia's name. So Malaysia ... ACT DECENTLY-LA ! Haduhai Pon.

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