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    Lalala - Henyo Bloggars ! It's been a while since Anasyg last update dis darlin, btw - last week was d busiest week of June, n Anasyg gotta be honest wid ya, dat it is also D BEST WEEK of June for Anasyg. Ma course had a JUMBO SALE (fund-raisin event) n as one of d committee, Anasyg have to be there. Even though d commitment shown by some of the students (which they don't even show up) were disappointing, we still manage to hook some customers towards the very end and cleared almost all d 4 Large Tables of ANTIQUE GOODS, and We'll-be-Missing-Them-Items.

    This Jumbo Sale is an annual event,ma course organized every semester since last sem, and our target is to TOP OFF last sems' profits. D last day of d event, when d price is MARK-Downed, totally (Harga Runtuh) from 4 tables were using, we were left with only 2 tables of displaying the items. 

    At most of it, Anasyg learned d way of how to attract customers, via PROPAGATE PROPAGANDA - to let them clear out d table. We finished wid Flying Colors, n d Good news is ... WE MANAGED TO TOP OFF last sem's Profit (bukan nak riak) but it's a good thing. All d profits will be link-cleanly to our corse-club's money box. 

    Just to share : Only 6 people enjoyed d last hours of d sale. And we brought home several GOOD-FREE items, on our own ~ hehe 

    D TOP OFF PROFIT are : 

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