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    Henyo Bloggars ! Long Time No Blog-Stalk (y not, we use another term other than Blog-walkin)

    Out of these dates | 13 | July | 2011 | Anasyg had received a very blood-warmin phone call from one of ma friend askin, if I wanna go to d PREMIERE wid him ? Henyo Anasyg, wad movie-la ? 

    Hel-Looo , HP 7 Part 2 ok, Part 2. I;m a lil bit confuse regarding d date of d premiere, it was suppose to be on 15|7, but ma friend told me dat d bookin for d ticket is already available. He booked one for me, and he told me to stay awake - prep maself n we'll be ridin off to KLCC, at 7.45 sharp. (He's no kiddin). 

    In-plus of over-anxiety and SEKSITED-ness, Anasyg showered and prep at 7 sharp ! (I'm no kiddin) I called one of ma fren (who is also invited for d premier, n we walk off show-off-ly (membedal je ayat aku ni)) 

    Shortly noticed, Incik driver, is drivin on d way of ma common way to home-sweet-home (Lebuhraya Sg.Besi) and he took d rite, as we swift to KLCC-basement parkin lot. (Ma first time eva!) Incik Driver n his fren was so COOL ! wid paired-twin shirt, they look ... WELL-SUITED-TOGETHER, ahaks. Up then, Afta three to four escalator-ridin, Dinner First ! Anasyg shouted for McD, No KFC please. (there is no sign of KFC nowhere) we grabbed a FOUR-seated table, n ma fren n Anasyg ran to McD. 

    Dner !

    "Cheeze McDeluxe per," (speakang plak aku kat situ) n he ordered Fillet-O-Fish. (mengidam nak makan ikan kat KLCC ke?) Since our ticket was on 9.35pm, we head off, nearly 9.25pm. (We're no kiddin) 

    One more thing dat Anasyg really favor on movie watchin - TERSEDAK MAKAN POPCORN ! so a FIRST COMBO please - as Olweyz. So we head off to Hall 10, separated by an L.I (Loud Indian) couple, -dgn lafaz bismillah- D movie started. 

    Compulsory Popcorn Q

    Some scenes like -Molly shot Bellatrix wid a Petrificus, n cast d final blow- and d last scene when everyone was sheddin tears, Anasyg CLAPPED ! ouh, over-seksited. We finished around 12 midnite, when KLCC was already a silent premis. (a lil fascinated by d silent moment). 

    Here's d catch, before Anasyg leave his seat, rite afta d movie started to roll d credits, Anasyg was squeaked at his back. A couple of girl, one of them dyed her hair, n one does not. She appointed dis one thing - I LIKE UR SHIRT ... girlishly n Anasyg gotta be honest wit ya, It's quite a SCENE. Well, we did actually met again, afta d movie, when we head off to d parkin lot, together, but out of d blue, they vanished (o is it because, we stopped for pitcha takin). As for dat, Anasyg wrapped everyhtin up, n see ya bloggars next time. Here are some wrapped up pithca for ya guys to look up n be jealous -

    Mr. Driver - Ol Nite Long

    Mr. Driver's twin brother - look at their outfit ^^

    Mr. Khusairi - Mr. Chaperon for d nite
    Head off - Balik !

    p/s : 
    1- do say thank you when somebody praised ur shirt. ^^
    2- So sad, HP, is actually over, n d ending is so ... TEARS SHEDDIN. 
    3- KLCC is so SYOK ! 
    4-Thanx Incik Driver for d nite-over at ur house. 

    - Fresh from Farm -

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