Ola ! Meet again yaw -chop- as a Muslim, I shud've been doin this since I started bloggin actly, but then I forgotten lo- Assalamualaikum (W.B.T) to ol Bloggers, sihat ya?

    Once in Anasyg's life log- Anasyg was DELETED. -Omo- This is yet another thrilling moment to share with ya guys out there-Cause it was really damn SCARY- rite, so the story goes :

    Anasyg's daily routine- spending more than three hours in cyber space. Bloggin, Fb-in, Googlin, n such. Then, one rainy evenin on November 2nd 2011 - at around 04.00pm local time- Anasyg tried to log in to his blog via Google account when suddenly -out of d blue- this message popped out-

    OMO-please tell me something good ...

    Then, afta dat chaotic thingy, Anasyg click on the blue link. N this fella appears. and had to go ol out with SOME CRAZY SHENANIGANS goin on. -see pictures below-

    It appears that ur account has been disable -katanya-  (Noted : Anasyg just clicked on whatever seems to be necessary to be clicked ya)

    Then this fella comes out. Sayin dat ...he also cannot find where is Anasyg's located.
    So, Anasyg come out with one assumption, along side this question:

    So, I went thoroughly with the texts, notices, and all kind of blue link to understand the situation. Lastly Anasyg decided to refer to Anasyg's entry passport aka my account in yahoo, n so, as fast as I can- I check my email. I found this :

    See that GOOGLE ACCOUNT RECOVERY (this occured after Anasyg clicked on one blue link, which I am so sorry I forgotten to print screen for ol of ya) 

    So Click dat thingy, n it popped this.

    Well according to the blue link-Anasyg clicked it n it comes down to this fella. Before this form, there's yet another form for u to check-list whether you agree on Google to TEXT you the code o CALL you for d code.

    Better explanation : Anasyg choose to RESET ma older password with Google account that I used to access ma blog with, n change to a new one. So, for that to happen, you have to have a code given SINCERELY by Cik Google, n to do that ma dear, you have to choose either being TEXT by o CALL by.

    Anasyg chose TEXT- for twice. n nothing happens. -jenuh nunggu-

    It took at about 20 minutes for me to wait for Google to TEXT me but nothin. So, Anasyg hit refresh, then go for the second option which is CALL- in a nick of time, Cik Google CALL- so I picked it up n she gave me the code. I enter the code, n ... WALLA ! First Anasyg was directed to My Account Management page, construct by Google, then ol of d link to easily access to youtube n Gmail were there. I chose :

    The LONG-WAIT is gone. Finally ... Anasyg can enter his LAIR -ALHAMDULILLAH- Anasyg gotta be honest with ya, it's been a hard evening for Anasyg, n it's certainly NOT A FUN ride. To know dat u'll lose to something dat u've been holding on for TWO years (in ma case) n it was there at one time, n gone at another. It is EERIE. -ta melampau ke guna ayat ni?- Here's d proof

    I didn't cry for real, but sad instead. Like-really-really sad. Afta the revelations of Anasyg's Blog- Anasyg came to talk with one of ma best friends about the MAY n MAYBE NOT-factors of y ma blog is being deleted by Cik Google, n some problems I had before it occurs. But then, it ol comes to one word. -Thanks be to Allah-

    Today November 03 2011 | Anasyg promises to himself that he'll do just about anything to recover his blog back- honestly sayin- at first Anasyg thought : Where is d fun in BLOG? as for dat, He gonna answer to himself : Yup, they're not much of Entertainment, with the low trafficking, very hard to tackle FOLLOWER, though the road is kinda bumpy...when you met new people n share ur own story n it was READ (pronounce RED) here's d thing:

    the VIEW IS GREAT.

    p/s : This message is automatically generated in English as in to express the dissatisfaction towards some authorities.

    chop ... here's another p/s : Thanks to all Anasyg's friends n followers who'd followed, read (pronounce RED) n gladly were there when I needed them the most.

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    4. ali - jgn di tanya - menyedihkan - bak kata kau - SADIS - haha