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    Salam Bloggers - pe khabar? Harap sihat ya
    So, Anasyg has introduced ya guys to ol upgraded n improved versions of previous segments in Anasyg's blog. B...but here comes d NEW SEGMENTS ! 
    5 more. God knows ada lagi ke ta ... haha

    Diz is d part where Anasyg is likely to condemn on everythin > No lah, diz segment is just fo d sake of Opinionated Version of Anasyg himself. Any arisin issues, shall be discuss here.

    I''ve described diz one earlier. Ol Celebs-story mori.

    Movies Preview n Review

    TV Series Preview n Review

    Oh, ni yet to be discuss. Zi Tips oklah kut, but Tuto... errr, lot more to learn k. 

    Ol n ol, do wish me luck on everythin ya. XOXO - keep bloggin bloggers. 

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    1. anasyg, seriusly, fathin suke lah yg box2 ni..cute2 sgt tauu..=))

      keep blogging anas..=))