• Upgraded

    Salam Bloggers -harap sihat semuanya ya.

    Here's a quick recap on ol segments dat had showed up in Anasyg's blog.

    1. I've started with Berlian Sirna as d very first segment : inspired by a popular gossip channel in media prima grup, I chose Berlian Sirna as one of ma platform to say ma sincerely condolescenes to all family whom had lost their family members. B...But, I have changed d subject to Permata Sirna (my bad) I forgot about d real name exactly, when I typed, it just came to me... well Permata and Berlian are in d same grup rite-both are Girls Best Friend. 
    2. Then I came out with d idea to mock less-mannered Malaysian by Act Decently-lah Malaysian. Anasyg totally love dis segment because all ma non-satisfactory will be mailed down to here. 
    3. Dat GeraMaraHaraMenyampah was suppose to be d Hate-Mail segment- but d writer won't accomplish dat, because he might taken aback and got carried away- so...let's just put it as an act to stop these less-mannered Malaysian ya. 
    4. Let Loose d Tense came along dis way. to make at least you people smile n let d stress out for a minute. Pretty simple pictures just to carve dat sweet small laugh out of u. 
    5. Afta dat- I was inspired by DIZ WOMAN  to introduce zi Kelapa Lemon. I've some tots about it, wad if I have so many nice and great pictures n I just can't keep em on my own, so I need to share em. 
    6. Just about time Anasyg tot about havin his ol new favorite songs-list. So dat is d idea of BlogBuzz -unlucky me- its only last for one lucky song. 
    7. Next, Anasyg proudly presents: Thursday's Quotes for ol d best quotation dat he can finds.
    So...wad's d fetch wid ol d Upgraded title thing? Here comes d best part. Take a look. 

    So, I'm gonna stick wid da changed name -Permata Sirna

    New Carrot in d town. She'll be ur gossip artist from now on. Replacing Act Decently-lah Malaysian and other Hot Issues. 
    #Yes...She's a She

    A sticky post to d brand new Let Loose d Tense

    No Longer Kelapa Lemon - here's an elephant butt to show off ol d fav nice shooted photos. Anasyg loves d new name - Portfolio Photolog Anasyg *wink2

    Thinkin about any music being ur new fav muse? Blog Buzz is sick so Pop Juice came down instead

    Still d inspiring Thursday Quotes

    Aha! Here's a new one. Celebriffic is a new segment. Wad did it do? well wad do you think d first syllable sounds like? Ofkos it is about some HOT SMOKIN celebs story -Anasyg is tryin his best to update dis one new segment ya-

    Ol n ol, I've come to d end of ma writing. So, how about it? Don't ya love ol d posters up! Credit to Simple Desktops Wallpaper n ofkos Dear Mr. Photoscape who made it ol possible. Blog ya later ya


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    1. suke post ni..n pic2 segment ni ha..kiut miut ok..keep it up anas!..=))

      hepi blogging ya!..>_<