• 22.3.2012 & 2pm Episode 2

    Salam geng.

    Previously on 22.3.2012 & 2pm : Anasyg dapat tips dari mak dia, itupun lepas dia sembo deo sampai ke dapo baunya. Then dia set off ke tempat interbiu dia, Mr. T tanya dia pasal blog.

    Mr . T: And that, you love to blog?
    Anasyg: Yes, I do own my own blog.
    Mr . T: So...Do you think you can do the website?
    Anasyg: I'll try my best
    Mr . T: Do you own a computer?
    Anasyg: Yes, at home
    Mr . T: Maybe you can bring it here, so that you can do your work here, Cause we have wi-fi. It can help you.
    Anasyg: *fikir jap. Ermm. ok
    Mr . T: What happen if you don't get any internship place?
    Anasyg: I'll have to extend to the next sem. find a new place and may affect MY graduation-day
    Mr . T: Oh, do you applied at other companies?
    Anasyg: Yes I did, but I did not get any reply there. So I chose this company.
    Mr . T: How do you know this house?
    Anasyg: I passed by here, and saw the big signboard
    Mr . T: Oh...so...anything that you would like to ask? I can see that you have a lot in ur mind
    Anasyg: What time do you operates?
    Mr . T: We are off on Monday *dia senyum
    Anasyg: Ha? Monday?
    Mr . T:  Yup, n from Tuesday till Thursday, we'll open at 10am till 6pm.
    Anasyg: Oh n ... Sunday?
    Mr . T: Work. (shoot) It's just Friday that we open at 2pm and closes at 10pm.
    Anasyg: TEN What?
    Mr . T: We have night class.
    Anasyg: Oh...ok
    Mr . T: Do you think you can come on those time?
    Anasyg: I'll make sure of myself then.
    Mr . T: Ok.
    Anasyg: You won't ask me to teach here aren't you
    Mr . T: NO! *laju dia balas
    Anasyg: Oh,ok
    Mr . T: The parents are gonna question me, and the house reputation if we take you to teach.
    Anasyg: Oh, I wont dare though, cause we are not allowed to teach, I don't learn pedagogy, so I am basically unable to teach
    Mr . T: Oh ok then... how much is the bus fare?
    Anasyg: To and fro? *Mr. T angguk. RM6.
    Mr . T: How about the payment? How is the trainee payment? allowance?
    Anasyg: ...*censored (ok ni PLC k tata...)
    Mr . T: *scribble something...I'm gonna check this with ur...which is the person in charge in ur college?
    Anasyg: My referee? I put it on the last page of my resume.
    Mr . T: *check resume. Oh ok. Oh, n one more thing, You will wear the same attire here ya. This shirt. *tunjuk baju dia
    Anasyg: Oh ok. *dalam hati da HAPPY! Oh yay, no KEMEJA please
    Mr . T: What else do you want to know?
    Anasyg: How long have you been operating here?
    Mr . T: 6 months. *then angguk dengan cepat
    Anasyg: You have adult students comin?
    Mr . T:  On Sunday. *OH...(faham2)
    Anasyg: I don't see anyone in this class, do they have class or not? *since interview ni buat dalam kelas
    Mr . T: We'll be having students on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
    Anasyg: *angguk dengan cepat Do I have a place to seat? A cubicle? Or area?
    Mr . T: We have a lot of classroom, no worry.
    Anasyg: *angguk dengan cepat. Ok then.
    Mr . T: Well then, I'll see you next week ya. *dia macam nak bangun so Anasyg bangun. ends up, Anasyg bangun dulu sebelum dia. *shake hands.
    Anasyg: Thank you very much.
    Mr . T: Later, please give me a photocopy of your ic ya.
    Anasyg: Olrite no problem. Thank you.

    Terlupa yang pintu dia auto, Anasyg maen tarik je, then tersangkut. Pandang kat kaunter tu, awek dua orang tu tengah bincang apa ntah ngan isteri Mr. T tu kat meja. then one of them tolong. Out2 brief candle...by lift. Tak larat aku nak turun tangga tingkat 3 tu. Letih sebenarnya interview ni. Sebenarnya banyak lagi yang Mr. T tanya Anasyg, tapi ini je yg Anasyg nak share.

    Durasi Interview: 20-35 minit.
    Future Internship place: Very nice decorated.
    Perasaan: Agak gugup sebab cakap dalam Bahasa Inggeris, even though I am an English student.
    Attire: Kemeja dan seluar slack hitam. Tie dan belt putih...Acceptable.
    RM6 to & fro by bus: Exhausted.
    Berkat doa ibu ayah dan kawan2 semua: WORTH IT! 

    Balik tu, nampak abah Anasyg je, terus plok2ciom2. Hehe, nak cakap skit ni... Alhamdulillah, minggu ni Anasyg rasa macam Allah tengah tunjukkan satu persatu setiap hikmah atas dugaan dan ujian yang dia berikan sebelum ni, macam jerih perih Anasyg settlekan hal2 final project, hal2 term paper, dan semua kerja2 yg kena settle minggu2 sudah, sekarang Anasyg dah nampak dah. Memang ada hikmah disebalik semua tu. InsyaAllah, kan ada uztaz/uztazah kita pernah cakap dolu2, mintaklah dengan Allah, Dia kan Maha Kaya. oh, Anasyg jugak nak ucapkan terima kasih pada kalian yang mendoakan Anasyg. Allah akan membalas doa2 kalian.


    p/s: sepanjang interbiu session ni, nak je Anasyg jawab Insya-Allah kat Mr. T...pada setiap soalan yg memerlukan jawapan yes/no ... cer try
    Mr. T: Do you think you can do all the work we assigned to you?
    Anasyg: InsyaAllah
    Mr. T: ???

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