• Whatever Happened After the Viva

    Salam guys! Long time no post ya. Now I haf  a lil leisure time to update a lil sumthing2 ('.*)wink2

    This evening, I had a very WONDERFUL-MULTIPLE2-GRE8-AMAZIN! evening- with? Aha-with ma dearest-dearest-dearest classmate. Wan, Seha, Niqa, Tiko and Solley2 (say it twice ya) they are d best out of d best buddiez to hang out with. I just love to be around them bcoz ...

    Seha can sing like a PRO
    Wan can also sings ... Nasheed specially
    Niqa is a Committed Screamer (you know d girl who screamed a lot in d horror movie) well niq, I'm suggesting u to go for a try-haha No-lah. Niq loikes Hot Air-Balloon n also ... screamin. Jokin-Pokin
    Tiko can be a very friendly like neighbour (even in d car)
    Well Solley2 ... he just frickin laff chicken !

    I went out with diz FIVE-havoc lil children. (mcm la children sgt) to Putrajaya. First stop is d Alamanda - which we got off n bought zee Chickon! KFC-suda... courtesy of Solley2, he bought how many aa...12 pieces tu kut. (mampu 12 pieces fo 6 people?) N roti2...n roti2 lagi.


    Then I head off to MPH- ngan Seha, unfortunately, at that time gaklah THE WHOLE Putrajaya-ians (skati je) is hanging out there. So ... Gile Crowded man. I decided NOT to join d que -plus Tiko is fasting, so need to go and find d hawt-spot for her to break-fast. On d way to d hawt-spot, eventually, she break-fasted in d car coz we got stucked in a LOVEY-DOVEY traffic. Did ya guys know bout d Hot-Air Balloon carnival happening there? Well it gonna end tomorrow yaw (by d time I publish diz, it's gonna be today-la) dat's y d traffic is soo Lovey-Dovey.

    Next stop: Masjid Besi. So so so Carnival gak in d Mosque, soo many people hanging around afta d maghrib prayer. They photoshooted here-there-everywhere. So it's kinda crowded b...but it's good tho. Ok then, off to d Hawt Spot. I asked Niqa d screamer-she said d name of d park is ... Taman Cabaran.So, we grabbed ol d mat-Chickon-chickon, roti2 dan lain2 kelengkapan. (ops ter-Malaykan post ni) then, we settled down on a very flat-grassy ground, spread d mat, and Mista ... Dinner is Serve. Bon Apetit- Lalala. Along wif d dinner, we'd talked and talked and plan out for our future career -pfft. Mana da macha, takde maknenya. 

    Aftawad, Niqa wanted to go back early cause she need to be at her house before twelve, bajet Cinderella gitu. Haha-taklah. She just need to go back home early, so Wan drop her at Alamanda cause one of our classmate is goin to fetch her there. Well2 while Wan n Niqa n Seha (usher-ing Wan n Niqa) gone. Me, Solley2 and Tiko had another Fine-Evening when we started to share stories mories. From one another, well I gotta say this, Tiko n I were honored to receive diz ONE HUGE NEWS from Solley2. (wink2) letcha guess-la. Ok shut it Anas! Then I did something I never do before- I sang in front of this two people. Out of a lot lot lot of people I knew, I sang it to diz both. Huhu-poor Wan n Seha n Niqa cause you guys didn't hear ma 'MAGNIFICIONT-voice' (*puke) well at least Solley n Tiko think that way. 


    Afta dat 'first-thot-bad-idea-singing-in front-of them-turn-out-quite-good-singing-thing' I texted Wan to fetch us, cause it's nearly 11 n for dos who know my college, 11 is something dat u don wanna mess with if U R OUTSIDE of d gate. So, along d way home, we karaoke-ed Siti's song. (terpinga-pinga Solley) n reached home. Alhamdulillah. 

    Note: Solley2 in dis story is a friend of mine-which is my first ever foreign-friend turn out to be one of my BEST-BUDDY in term of Stories... he swallowed d book of Thousand Tales of the Story Morry, then he'll tell you a story to another,  his name is Soultan n we just love to call him Sol-Soul o simply Solley2. o o, but we also call him THE TONGGEK-Guy. He knew d meaning olredi-lo. 

    me and Solley-sometimes I call him Mr. Blackie too. he dun mind, kan Solley2 kan ('.*)wink
    Sorry guys, no pic for dis Wonder-giggly post. D photographer dear Ms. Niqa is keeping her cammy n still wif her. Kena tunggu beberapa semester baru dia bagi gamba. p/s Niq: mana vid choral speaking masa Sem 3? Bfore I end dis, I wanna thank you guys for :

    Thanks Seha for singing Superb-Nice Siti's songs in d car. (get d drunk lady outta here)
    Thanks Niqa for ol d photo-taking session. Oh, n for answering ol my question regarding every building there.
    Thanks Tiko for being d nicest neighbour-sitting at d front seat in d car. 
    Thanks Solley2 for ZEE CHICKON2 
    n lastly thanks Wan for d invitation n d ride...n for everything. p/s: That awkward moment ... Am so sorry n shameful of me... I dun mean to (sob2 malunya aku) Shussh2 tau Wan. 

    Last Quote: I wanna grow up as a rich man n gonna hire a mathematician to count ma money. 'Soultan' but also gonna grow up as a rich man and will miss you guys ma dearest-dearest classmates. 

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    1. hahahha.... such a nice tale man .... this page is so going to be n my favorit list .... ;)

    2. eh - soley2 komented on this blog - thanks buddy

    3. eh anas g putrajaya kee??

      wah, nice pic anas! is it ur classmate ?

    4. @thin: yup Putrajaya yg Hebak Daebak tu. Yup skali lagi, tu classmate anas. Hensem kan dia. Hitam manis gitu. Hik2