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    Datang dah, kegilaan malam aku, mcm biasa...ada je idea mengarut nak taip kat blog. Ironically, I did wrote these on a dusky Wednesday morning. Bestkan :) senyum skit. Ok, moving on. So, I've got this wonderful heart-throbbing story, but chop, I wanna keep it first to save it's some exclusivity. :) hehe...ok, so as for today, I nak share citer kecik2 je. Like...my cats are growing up, I have 5 kittens now. 3 male and 2 female. LOTSA-LOTS OF FELINE crawling in my place as we speak. Other citer kecik2 like...I've also grown absolutely long hair, which my parents are not fond with, and I just gotta nod to whatever they say....cause I can't really see them talking while my locks are locking my sight. *uknowadaimean?

    Ok, next...The Voice season 4 is A MUST WATCH every Thursday for me with my bro. Tho, we can just play it whenever we want *thanks to Beyond. It's kinda feels like a jerk to say dat I don't miss Xtina anymore in the show, tho...Shakira and Usher are doing it way better than I'd expected. lol.

    Ok, quick shout out !

    So, I've posted this one custom-made gif. file for my lovely blogmates and also, dear friend kat fb. Cik Siti NurFathin bt Khalid. Here's her blog.

    She's one of my favorite friend, dia banyak bagi nasihat *tho sekarang dah tak borak dah, cause she's on a VERY TIGHT schedule, so let her be. :) Tak nak kacau Doctor-in-the-making. Tp, as we speak, hari ni hari lahir dia, so kena jugak interrupt. Dear friend, I've said it once, and imma say it again. You'll always gonna be my blogger ketat, my dear friend :) Happy birthday and may Allah bless you and ur family.

    Another quick shout out. Urm...I ada satu berita luar biasa, tp kena tunggu material cukup baru boleh nak share ngan korang. As I said before, I bukan jenis blogger yg hentam kromo nak publish sesuka hati.

    Oh, n recently, it went viral pasal April Fools' thingy, AH ! aku malas nak masuk campur, kalau semua perayaan orang barat tu ada kaitan ngan perang sana sini-penindasan orang Islam and so on...kenapa sibuk nak sambut with the exact intention? Benda ni pernah jadi masa sambutan hari Ibu-Ayah-Guru...AH, YOU NAME IT ! Orang kita ni kalau boleh semua sambutan yang depa sambut kita pun nak sambut, then bila kita sambut...mulalah keluar dat history dis history.

    I tak cakap benda tu salah, I mean, one of my lecturers pernah cakap dos sorts of histories once took place, but they are some uncertainty about east, west, south north *uknowadaimean? so, for example pernah 'KEYBOARD WARRIORS' all around the country bergadoh pasal the real history of celebrating Mother's day. LOOK ! HOW DUMB CAN YOU GUYS BE? Bodoh betul, if you guys wanna celebrate hari ibu with the exact intention as to celebrate that Lady Mary yada-yada I don't give a shit. I wanna celebrate mother's day with my mak, AND MY MAK ONLY. Ok...tetiba emo.

    So, I nak sambut April Fools with my friends because it's her birthday, so I nak sambut Mother's day sebab SHE'S MY FRIGGIN MOM, then the next day I nak sambut Valentine's day tp I secretly saying...I nak sambut 'hari kekasih' dengan my kekasih which is my parent, lepas tu kena hentam dgn 'keyboard warriors'
    Oooo...we got some bad-ass over here
    so? so? so? aisyh guys...get a life. Ops, scratch that...get a brain, better yet, a functioning one.
    Lol, then everyone gonna go out and say. Anas, hang ni takda otak ka? Pakai hantam kromo ja apa hang nak kata, hang tibai suka hati hang kat blog. Well gentlemen, that's how I think it should be. Cause these are just randoms. :) U MAD? 

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    1. Kat rumah aku ada 20 kucing and counting. Haha!

    2. @Lollipop Dude: tak nak kalah :) nnt post kat blog ea.

    3. Sy setuju 100%! hihi
      aNAS nak tgk kucing tersebot!

    4. @Akhelaken: insyaALLAH bang, nnt ada masa orang publish citer kucing :)

    5. anas! thnk you...cntek gif tu..kwn pun ckp cantek n rajin ans buat..=D

      ni bru berkesmpatan nk jenguk blog n read ur post...thnk you so much!..

      miss to chat with u..huhu