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    Fresh from farm, Anasyg brings you d new segment for Anasyg's blog. It is still under construction so Anasyg himself wasn't so sure about havin this segment for his blog, but it seems excitin rite? to know something new is comin to ur doorstep. Hik~btw Anasyg had come out with d segment's name : KELAPA LEMON ! You know - kelapa is yummy and lemon is just - refreshin

    This was just a test-banner for the segment
    Wad will be in this segment? Ohoi - good question! So, Anasyg was thinking to share a LOT of interesting and cool pitcha - in case you guys don't get d idea of wad exactly is Kelapa? It was a coconut at d first place ya children ~ ok, so Anasyg will work hard for this segment. Keep it up ! 

    p/s : You guys can share those cute + cool + hot + interesting pic with me too. So keep it posted !

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