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    Henyo Menggo Bloggars, about two hour ago, Anasyg succeeded on changing WHOLLY ! his new blog template, n I gotta tell ya, I'm so PUAS HATI ! ~sigh~ wad a Work !

    Well then, now let's head up, n enjoy the next Kelapa Lemon ya ! A campaign add about HIGHLY RESTRICTING SMOKING ! Malaysia should join too !  Chuno Wadaimin (you know wad I mean ?)

     U endanger your Child

     Err ... could you tell me : do you still consider your mouth 'KISSABLE' ?

    True ... True

     Bang !

     O ... I smoked ! Now QUIT !

    I thought it was only terrorist doing-Unfortunately ... we do too

    Who's healthy ? Raise ur hands up ! 

    Feel Free to leave IT ! 

    It's about time dat you people out there, who smoke SHI*, should STOP ! (Apa dogil bebeno korang ni...) Ok peepies, Blog ya later ! 

    Remember what ? Kelapa Lemon is SO SYIOK !

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