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    Last week on the first of August, Anasyg went back home after maghrib, at about 8 pm. Something came up on the evening ... hehe ^^ well, as expected, the bus which was suppose to ride us straight away to KTM station was not there. Wad a dissapointment. Then we bump into one of our owned-a-car friend, and by chance he offered to take us to the station, wah wad a luck ! Afta two hours and 15 mins of ride, Anasyg reached home exactly at 11. Ohoi, and the last bus then,it was another passing luck for Anasyg. Got home and it was pitch black - everybody was asleep, d last resort is to wake my brother, and after 10 minutes of ANGIN MALAM itu, he awake, the first question was; MACAM MANA KAU BALIK ? aduh - never mind, just slide d damn sliding doors. Nite bloggars.

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