• Ally L. Speaking London 1 : A Letter To Anasyg

    Salam Bloggers- dis is a Pilot entri from Ally L. Do visit his blog site here

    To: Anasyg

    I knew you for almost three years now. I still remember the first time we met. We are freshmen at that time. We are in the same house from the same course, Diploma in English Language Studies. After that we met Paan too.
    Well, from that onward, we embark our journey in KUIS. We faced many challenges and hardship. Too many things happened and I don’t think we had any big fights accept complaints and all.
    How should I put it, the three of us faced a lot of things, worked together countless times. For me, you and Paan are my comrades! We had our big wars and we do lose it. Still, we do triumphs!
    I think, it is still too soon to write something like this. It doesn’t matter anymore, we have entered KUIS together and I hope that we can graduate together. So, I wish the three of us will make it. We are the ‘tiga serangkai’ but I hate it sometimes. So, I call it The Power of Three!

    Best Regard
    Ally L

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