• Permata Sirna : Tribute Whitney Houston

    Salam Bloggers - I've posted about R.I.P Amy Winehouse once- here

    N today, again, d world was shot by d heart-rippin news when one of US-respected singer Whitney Houston.

    From www.telegraph.co.uk - She was found dead in a bath tub and prescription drugs were in the room. An autopsy will establish whether she drowned, whether drugs involved, or whether there was another cause.

    From Anasyg's deep down - I have no clue at all dat she was dealing with any addiction o problems related to dat D thingy, to be frank, ol media had come out wid a Lorry of speculation, some say it was medical suggested painkiller, but some say it was just drugs. Top dat, I totally Love her voice, Pin Up on I Look To You, plus, it was cover sang by Mercedes (Amber Riley in Glee). Love Her so Much. R.I.P sleep tight Whitney. 1963-2012 (48 years old)

    Amber Riley singin I Look To You in Glee > Click Here

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    1. tdi tgk brita jgk...addiction? xthu exactly sebab ape die meninggal kan.huhu

    2. tulah - anas pun terkojut gak baru dapat tau kat internet tadi, terus nak post

    3. jom join...http://pheonixcharlotte.blogspot.com/2012/02/kawanrakansahabat-sekalianentry-untuk.html