• Thursday's Quote 6 : Girl Talk

    Ta terlambat rasanya nak post ni kan ('.*)wink Kali ni, nak share sikit citer pasal WANITA- yup, hello wanita di luar sana, meh Anasyg nak share skit citer ni. Senang je, tengok gamba2 dibawah k, enjoy.

    U just like an apple on top of d tree, guys don't simply get you to get you. They have to climb on top to get you. Ol dos rotten apples fell on the floor will mean nothing but for him to choose of a wife, he'll choose d one dat's UNTOUCH. 

    Now it's ur turn to make this picture WRONG! 

    Which one is you? Cause YES- guys do love sexy women, they love eye-candy, something sweet to tackle their attention, but GIRLS! u aren't dat cheap are you? You've got Price to hold, people can't easily have you, they have to earn you. 

    Mesti korang pening kepala kan, apa kejadahnya-lah yang Anasyg bebelkan hari ni. Biasalah, idea datang takat ni je. Laen kali kalau ada gamba2 o quote2 yg best, Anasyg reka citer laen plak k. Oh girls...


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    1. yg psal apple tu so sweet!haha ^_^

    2. sukee post anas ni!...=))

      fuhh, smoga ALLAH pertemukan kita dgn jodoh yg baik..amin......=)

    3. @badd : tq ^^
      @thin : amin :)