• Anasyg Personalie 6 : Taking Chances

    Salam satu Bloggers

    First of ol I would like to congratulate ma Susu bunny on her achievement-successfully delivered all 4 of her newly born baby bunnies. Two white-furred one black-furred and one brown-furred like their daddy bunny. Susu is a 2 years old bunny if I'm not mistaken, n Horlick (d male) is a 1 year old bunny. Last month, Susu gave birth to Milky (pronounce-Miki) n now he/she (ta check lg) is one month old loh- very cute but inherited his/her mother outrages rage. Very d ganaz.  

    Susu n Horlick

    Back to d title, I've saved dis story for quite a while now, its regarding the offering open up at two places for  both ma future study and employment. RUGI SANAD SANAD (ape ni?). So d first offer I've got is from UiTM Shah Alam-it's a response to my application for UPU under the course Interior Design. Tho- I have to leggo of d offer :

    Because both ma parents did not approve of it. PERIOD. I have no right to argue dat no more. Ma mom advises me to focus on language study and do not mix up everything as it will be hay-wire later on. 

    Sounds harsh is it? but I am really concern about the permission from both ma parents, kan org cakap- kena dapat keberkatan dan restu kedua ibu bapa. (sorry termalaykan post ni) ol n ol, comes the next offer. 

    I've got a call from ITNM -Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia, for a 6 month training and recruitment for a permanent job there, DAEBAK ! Akak tu called me and ask me to attend an interview session where we will translate another text to secure a spot to permanently work under a government sector (sapa yg tak nak?) so I was PLEASINGLY SHOCKED and also eksited terlebey- it's a rare chance loh, I remember sending ma resume thru their website back then on March if I'm not mistaken (ke February ntah) then only I got d call on 14 May and akak tu asked me to come on 17. Gelabah labah-labah la aku. 

    At first I agreed to come, then she ask: Adik ni dah habis belajar kan?
    then I answered: Nope, skang tengah latihan industri, kenapa kak.
    Akak: Alah... kitorang nak yg dah betul2 free je, sebab nak terus serap masuk kerja tetap bawah institut
    Me: JAW DROP ! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Mencarut Jawa keluar. 
    Akak: Sorry lah dik, takde rezeki adik lah. 
    Me: Alah kak, takkan takde second call back ke, second intake ke? second session ke, anything second loh. 
    Akak: Buat masa ni takde lah dik. 

    Conversation ended. (SEDEYH !) T^T
    Immediately I inform ma parents and they're also shocked and frustrated. They suggest me to write another application letter and I replied, dats not gonna be possible cause d course/training already started. Come to think of it, ma along and kak long advise d same thing, ol of ma siblings are kinda shock with d news tho, ITNM is not some place you can secure a spot to work permanently out of sudden sandstorm, so when a rare chance comes like this, I should grab it. LOL-Geng, I bukan tak grab, its a matter of time. If and only if the training started on hujung Jun ke, bulan Julai ke, I'll definitely gonna go, but it clashes with ma internship. What shud I do then. Quit interning? Go for a job, tak grad diploma la aku cenggitu dik. The chances come at a very odd time. 

    Bayangkanlah... D resume was sent to them on March n only on May I got d callback. Tak gila? I guessed dat there must be A HELL DOZENS of applicant for d post, n I am one of d lucky person for d callback. Other than submitting resume, we have to translate 2 different texts, from Malay to English and English to Malay. D texts are quite challenging tho but I buat yg terbaek loh. Sayang je... sob sob. 

    So wad now? I applied for some Unis, like UPM, UKM, n some more n am waiting for their offer coming up. But to choose between being employed or further study...hmmm well refer to d title- it's time to Take those Chances.  

    p/s: Looking forward for June as something big will come to you readers !

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    1. hehe comel la gmbar arnab tu :) btw, done follow...

    2. assobru minal iman adik, maybe this is not ur day, but maybe ALLAH has a better job for u in the future...who knows...

    3. hi your blog is interesting - I did answer you here: http://theappletea.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/long-long-time.html?showComment=1338896070705#c2580768032831635573

      thank you for your comments! :)

    4. @nadhira:tq follow sy ^^

      @abg syaq: insyaAllah abg - tanx doakan ye

      @appletea: thanks for ur respon -u see, i'm always looking forward for ur update - cos i fell in love with ol d cool n nice items u introduced in ur blog