• Justifying Rumors

    Salam Satu Bloggers

    Hyep u ol. So, for most of ya, who've read ma last two post (HERE) n (HERE) must be wondering wad d hell am I sayin? Hehe, come to think of it, its time for me to justify things up.

    So, it is true, ol d hint dat I gave ... pris is in French n it means : Taken, while d post earlier, is written Taken Owned. Showing dat d 'seriousness' of me in ma new relationship. Tho, it only started last Thursday, but we've been friend for almost one year n a half now, so no awkward2 feeling. And on dat day, we've decided to declare this officially.

    Pray for us ya. Love ya.

    p/s: been thinking bout having a nice ONE MONTH blog-break. Hmmm...best gak idea tu kan.

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    1. I see. Who's the lucky person? ;)

    2. oh great (not sarcastic saying btw)..my little bro have someone in his life....hope who ever the person is, could give the best for you, and yes definitely, if that person, breaks your heart, i will break that person's leg or hand or even twist the head...(garang nyer abg ni huhuhu scawyyy...)..btw congratulation adikku syg...

    3. q@thia: adlh ... indeed a very lucky person loh

      @abg shafiq: insyAllh bang. ta pyh grg2 sgt k-

    4. wohoo greatnya!
      btw congrats :)
      hope korg bdua bahagialah >_<

    5. @lo la: thnx ^^,

    6. tweet2!...

      adik2, kawan bebaik yee..hehe..may ALLAH bless both of u n hepi together yaa!..^^

    7. waaa happy for you :-)