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    Salam Bloggers, its been a long time since I've posted 99% in English. Last entry I recall, is this ONE. Its a twenty entries way back then when I decided to post a 99% English entry. -my bad tho. So, here we go again. U can stop reading if u find reading my English is a pis of crap- well... shi* happens. So, str8 to d point.

    Last week on Monday, (d same day when I lost my neighbor) my family and I planned to go for a get-together dinner. So, my brother reserved us a table for eleven at of the restaurant way back to pantai Jeram.

    MEDAN IKAN BAKAR PANTAI JERAM is located exactly align of Remis Shore. Then, at d time we are ready to head there, ma abah received a phone call, d sad news arrived and despite d early booking ma brother have with d restaurant, nothing we can do but to postponed d visit to d arwah's house. Tho- everyone put a different mask along d journey. Not to over think about d sadness n gloom of d news, ma brother insisted and he told ma abah there is nothing they can do because, if it was earlier, then the booking wouldn't have been done. -Tho, who knows when ur time is up-rite?

    Shift-Roman. We arrived, with two cars. Ma abah, mak, along n kak long, wid me maself in one car. And ma angah, kak ngah, both of my anak buah, icha n akim with their pak lang in another drove by ma akak. Make us eleven heads. Headin str8 to d counter, ma brother named his reservation and d lady pointed north. Since my brother booked d place 'near d ocean'. Apparently, -jauh lagi laut kut dari restoran tu. Hardly seen pun. Tho its dark pitch black we cannot see a thing at the far end. A bunch of waiter and waitresses are seen talking to their walkie talkie. Busy buzzing aroung passing orders and such.

    We were just arrive, and our orders shortly come one by one. The menus are base by sets and also ala carte. Ma brother ordered the sets which consist of

    Siakap Tiga Rasa - bahasa inggeris dia ni apa ek? wewewe. Well, this main dish is totally worth it. Sodap n sodap. Unfortunate me- I ta bape gemo Siakap ni. 

    #Kerang bakar #Kailan Belacan #Udang Butter (kulit dia still boleh patahkan gigi) #N A bowl of hawt smokin Tom Yam (--') errr... tak brapa sedap tom yam depa ni. 

    Siakap Stiiim... hehe #haip ! then itu sotong goreng tepung. Oh, there are also grilled ikan pari, fruits (sliced oranges and tembikai warna kuning tu) 

    Side A of the table consist of ma Abah, ma mak, ma along (red shirt), kak long (besides him), and ma akak.  See dat three jugs of wa'er? Apple juice, watermelon juice and also- Air Sojuk. (ngamuk ma mother kos ta order air suam tuk beliau)

    Side B of the table which consist of ma angah (black shirt), ma kak ngah, and abg mie (he made all thiz pozzible) oh, itu si akim n icha ta nampak from this angle. 

    Hah! This angle, baru nampak itu trouble maker.

    Side track je ni. Akim - d dinner threat act. Buat kacau je. 

    See dat ballon lip-lap. They begged their abah to buy dat. Well...RM5 each, n worth about two to three days only-pastu hanco la benda alah tu. And also... See that plastic bag I carry, ahak, dos are leftovers which the staff there are willingly to help you and bungkuskan utk korang. (WORTH IT ! )

    Ending this, I totally recommend you people to come here and have ur dinner. Sini dinner je available since they open at dawn sampai pagi. Most of d days, it was a full-house, so they prior on reservations, kalo lu orang baru datang, tang tang tu baru nak order... harapan la Encik. You'll end up like the table behind us. 

    Kesian kat org meja belakang. They were there first before us, but still, after we've finished our dinner, only then their drinks sampai. Foods? Hardly. Ma advise for any of u who want to come here, consider to reserve a table first and of course, order siap2. Datang tinggal makan je. Hehe. 

    Depa ni siap ada Facebook page lagi. CLICK HERE for full info. Toodles ^^,

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    1. marvelous la anas!...hehe...sedapnyee..suddenly, i miss my family....huhu

    2. Sini best! Sampai lah jugk dlm 3 kali kt sane. mmg kene pakai reserved kan, makcik aku suka bwk kalo ade family visits.

    3. @ziey: kamu pun da sampai ke sini? wah, jaoh dari terengganu sana- makannya kat sini - ^^,

    4. @thin: ta berapa sedap sgt la bg anas- hehe, rindu famili? takpe2, saba k. nnt ada cuti amik flight balik penang k

    5. sedapnya ! nampak superb jee kan ~
      saya belum sampai lagi ke sini :)
      hehehe one day insyaallah nak merasa kan,by the way akim tu comey sangat2x ,geram tengok ~

    6. @lo la: hehe, insyaAllah, nnt akan sampai gak ke sini tu. Oh, dan itu akim- level comel dia sama taraf dengan level NAKAL dia - (--')