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    Assalamualaikum Ramadan 25. Alhamdulillah, dapat jumpa dengan fasa terakhir bulan Ramadan. Ada lagi 5 hari lagi, sebelum kita sama2 menyambut Syawal insyaAllah.

    Dua hari lepas, my mak told me a story which she heard from her friends. Her friends (geng2 surau my mak) told her bout the needy in Thailand and Cambodia which they recently had a visit there. They witnessed the  poverty n poorness of the people there. She said, their mosque hardly have any carpet or anything to cover the dusty floor. Children are running without sandals or shoes, babies are naked-cloth less. Simply put, what poverty potrayed by Malaysian are times 10 there. Ma mother actually cried when she told me this story, and obviously for a first time listening to this kind of story from ma own mother, had no impact on me at all.  Since the surau will hold another visit to Thailand-Cambodia on 15th August, it hits my mak to donate some (which is A MELON MELON A LOT) of our used clothes to them. So, the operation begins. 

    I told ma brother and ma sister bout this, then aftawards they collected their used clothes and put it in a bag. Later that night, when my mak ask bout the bag, I said

    Yang mengikut perintah Tuanku Permaisuri, inilah barang-barang yang telah dititahkan Tuanku Permaisuri petang tadi. *Oh, I talked like this often with ma mother. Sometime, I speak fully English with her, end up she's confused with wadeva I'm talking about. 

    So then, she started exploring her closets (yes, more than one). Apparently, before this, ma brother only managed to bundle up a bag of his used clothes. Then, afta my mak asked me to bring down two boxes of old clothes on top of ma cupboard, her exploration on her two closets, ma own exploration of ma own closet, and some other boxes on top of ma abah's closets, we end up...in 9 boxes of old and used clothes. They are totally still wearable k. 

    See dat box with purple, red and blue shirt? Those are my shirts, soon enough will change possesion. Oh n see dat purple shiny cloth in the box front of it, dat was ma brother's 2010's baju raya. Sbb dia ta suka design tu, then he fold it in the box. How thoughtful of you Mie. *mata menjuling tangan duk diam.
    Mind the mess ye, kata pun tengah berkemas. The box with the Nike shirt is full of ma brother's old shirt. 
    Since ma abah have a qiamulail later that morning at the surau mentioned just now, ma brother and I placed the boxes inside the car trunk, so it's easier for ma abah to just drive there. Ma abah seems so glad that his anak2 committed to do something nice like this. He said. 

    Niatkan dalam hati tu, nak bersedekah biar ikhlas. Then I replied. I wanna see at least one smile from the children during raya. I want them to feel the festivity of raya too. *Ok, ni poyo namanya, I said it in Malay je, but it sounded nice in English *gedik.

    I'm not really sure which box is to be delivered to which country, any box will do. 
    I know Cambodian do not understand Malay, but to d fact that it's nearly Raya, they shud get d point. Hehe
    The whole process took us about 2 hours till late in the morning at around 2 am. Along the way packing the used clothes, we came across A DOZENS of our old clothes *kata pun baju kitorang kan. So, ma brother found his old time favorite shirt when he was in high school, I found ma vintage piece too, it's an old jubah. I love the fabric so much, until the point where the jubah had ripped till ma tight level *oh sekchi, then I decided to toss it away. *dun worry, the ripped jubah is not to be donated since it was ripped badly. 

    My akak passed out in her room, so basically she's not around. I'm just SHO SHO SHO eksited to donate the clothes away. At one point, we're actually mengemas rumah, another point is we're doing something that may change the fate of humanity *sajaklah ko nas. Anyhow, it's WORTH THE SWEAT.

    Ya Allah kau bukakanlah pintu rezekimu seluasnya untuk umat Islam yg kurang bernasib baik bersempena dgn bulan mulia ini. There's nothing more valuable than to see org2 yg susah seperti mereka get all the things they wished for, and ease their burden. InsyaAllah. 

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    1. wow, may Allah bless u and your family and to them also :)

    2. syukurrr

      umat yg baik, sama2 kita tambah pahala sedekah kita

    3. Alhamdhulillah.
      Semoga Allah merahmati Anas and family.
      Aku suke ayat kau. "I wanna see at least one smile from the children during raya.."
      Hope raya mereka lebih bermakna dengan kehadiran baju baju hang tu. :) InsyaAllah.

    4. amin..ini jer boleh macha komen. yang lain semua tuan blog da ulas.

    5. Proud of u n ur family !
      Pahala bersedekh di bulan Ramadhan ni berkali-kali ganda :D

    6. owh, this post lah yg anas ckp tu..bukan selalu kan kita dpt buat mcm ni..may allah bless u n ur family anas..amin..

    7. alhamdulillah =) kan elok berite pasal ni disebarkan, xrmi yg tahu.

      may ALLAH bless u n ur famaly =) insyallah..

    8. alhamdulillah
      moga dipermudah dan dilancarkan lg segala urusan baik anas sekeluarga

    9. eh, rajin tukar2 profile pic lately ni ek?

    10. Alhamdulillah. anas akak pun nak sedekah baju jugak lah. cemana caranya?

    11. @LaLa mhdnor: Thank you lala. InsyaAllah

    12. @bukankosong: yuk, sama2 kita tambah

    13. @Kamal Lee: Thanks Kamal. Harap camtulah. :)

    14. @mecha_praline: Amin gak. :)

    15. @adibahfaizah: Exactly-thanks adibah

    16. @Qaseh Dania: betul tu thin, InsyaAllah.

    17. @Erna EER: mak anas citer baru tau. Hehe, thank you Erna

    18. @Ri: Amin Ri. Oh, dan ye, saya selalu tuka profle pic. hehe

    19. @Innanie | Ariffin: maybe akak boleh try kat mana2 branch around johor yg lebih dekat utk akak drop donation2 akak. Sini, maybe jauh sgt kut utk akak pos brg2 tu, lgpun diorang nak pg esok. Kat tenet byk link ke charity houses, cuma kena pastikan betul2 itu je.

    20. baru ni aku pun ada join gak projek cam ang.. kumpul baju lama2 bagi kat orang. kes aku, bagi kat anak yatim. bila time bagi beg2 baju kat org yang incharge tu, tetiba dapat satu macam punya feeling.. rasa puas, happy, rasa cam sedih ada gak.. harap2 sampai la baju2 tu kat org2 yg berkenaan..

      nak bagi duit, memang takdapat r pasal aku pun rabak..huhu so, ni jela cara kita nak buat pahala..

    21. perghhh banyak giler baju.pemurah bgus2!

    22. Alhamdulillah...omoga keberkatan Allah selalu bersama anas...

      nanti emailkan alamat anas ya pada akak....

    23. have a great syawal :) pemurah sungguh hehehe
      boleh jadi teladan ni heheh

    24. banyak nyer baju . berkotak-kotak . alhamdulillah, rezeki mereka .

    25. @Amirul Verdasco Nadzri puas kan amirul. Syok. Terasa bersyukur dpt bantu diorang.

    26. @Edy Fee: Heee. thanks edy. Sikit je tu, nak dibandingkan ngan kesusahan diorang kat sana.

    27. @nadia arrumaisha InsyaAllah kak, Amin. ^^, oh-pasal alamat tu, insyaAllah k, nnt anas emailkan.

    28. @Only Shafiq: hehe-thanks bang. Takde benda sgtlah, nak kongsi kegembiraan raya ngan org2 kurang bernasib baik.

    29. @jieha: Amin.