• Anasyg Has Left the Building


    Hey, apa khabar? Aku doakan semua pembaca blog ni sihat walafiat. It has been such AMAZING journey, thru out my FIVE months of working. Yet, it was just my first experience of earning money by my own. Starts from 24th Sept hari tu, sampailah ke 24th Feb, genaplah lima bulan aku kerja, dan jugak lima bulan aku menjadi Anas yg-alhamdulillah, boleh fikir setapak lebih matang ke hadapan. 

    Macam2 perangai orang aku jumpa dalam tempat kerja aku tu. Foreigners yg naik kepala, pk diorang dah bagus sgt kat situ. Customers who'd think that they're right every single time, but they're not even close to that. :) 

    Senang citer, it's been  Five months I've been there. Tonnes and dozens of unspeakably great experience I've learnt, meeting new people, making new friends, pissing off my managers, and supervisors simply by getting on their nerves bout my punctuality to work. Having the experience and making a priceless bond with some very close and friendly customers, who'd treat us, not just the staff whom working there, but also as a friend, that they respect. :) 

    It's a wonderful color pallet. That place, is a paradise at one side, and serves as a hell at another. Sebab, mana2 tempat kerja pun, akan ada internal conflicts, dan sweet-sweet moments, which we share as a family inside :) One of the chef there, once told me that...if you entered here(my working place) just pretend that all the staffs are your family. Cherish together, and have a lot of fun. 

    I had a lot of FUN. and...that, has come to an end. 

    Kenapa aku berhenti kerja? 

    Good question :) 

    Tak semua orang dikurniakan dengan degree of patience yg tinggi. Bila tahap kesabaran kita dah dicabar, melampaui batas...I've decided not to take on to other people, I've made the right choice. By leaving. :) simply said...Silence is Golden. 

    Aku memang cepat marah, tp cara aku channel marah aku tu, aku lebih suka diam at first. *I know this sounded bad...tp, aku selalu pandang orang yg buat aku marah (in this case, sapa yg cari pasal dengan akulah) as the lowest most moronic creature that God ever created. *see...sounds bad kan?

    Sapa suh cari pasal dengan aku, btw...that's not the point of this entry. I just wanna say, I'm very blissfully thankful, to the person who'd take me thru such joyous working life. :) 

    To Allah, which He had pinpointed this fate onto me. To my dear dear beloved parents, they knew that this is the path that I took, and for that, they respected my decision. To my family, to my supportive cousin, and to my friends. :) To all of you who'd prayed for me, during my ups and downs. 

    To all my managers, supervisors, ex-staffs, and everyone that make the pallet colorful enough. 

    Specially...to my dear Adibah. *wish that she'll read this, sooner or later. 

    Just wanna say it out loud...

    Allah has jot down that we shall meet, thus He also wrote about us to depart. :) It was meant to be. 

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    1. berakhir sudah... pasni boleh mulakan pencarian baru, moga Anas makin matang ye! :)

    2. @Akhelaken: insyaAllah, akan menjadi lebih matang :)