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    Baru selesai tengok Glee special tribute eps : The Quarterback. Gotta be honest, sebak tu ada *sounds funny, tapi last2 tu menitis jugaklah air mata (dat is because I inserted some of my sad moments dalam memory, so tears tu, shed like waterfall). So, tak nak cakap byk, here are my personal favorite 10 eye-bawling moments utk eps kali ni. :'( 

    1.  The New Directions, Old and New, performing Seasons of Love.

    2. The all-time favorite Glee title, when the L was altered with a man-waving figure. Guessing it was Cory's. 

    3. Amber Riley/Mercedes belt her lungs out singing I'll Stand By You. :'( 

    4. Kurt, Burt, and Carole loading empty boxes with Finn's stuffs, when Kurt hold on to Finn's Letterman Jacket, and Burt wanted to keep the lamp. 

    This scene right here is one of my favorite eye-bawling moment. When Carole starts hyperventilating, and she just can't hold herself together, she breaks down badly it makes me cried my eyes out. Dgn rajinnya aku salin skrip Carole utk scene ni, simply because I thought, Carole has brought the house down. Ultimately, viewers review I read so far, penonton start menangis time ni.

    So, here's the script:

    I always thought when I...how parents going on when they lose a child? Y'know when I see those stuff on the news I shut it off cause it was just too horrible to think. But I would always think... how do they wake up everyday? I mean I..I..how do they breath honey?
    But you do wake up. and for just a second, you forget, and then, I re-remember and it's like getting that call again and again, everytime...you don't get to stop waking up, you have to keep on being a parent, even tho you don't get to have a child anymore.

    Gold! I felt the heart-wrenching emotion Carole's trying to deliver, and she succeeded. 
    They hugged it out.  
    5. Coach Beiste and Puck swap emotions, and agreed to have at least Finn's number in the locker room to let the school kids know who Finn was. I skipped the performance from Sam and Artie, cause it doesn't really touches my sad-sense. And down to number..

    6. Santana beautiful voice singing If I Die Young. She didn't finished the song not because she don't want to, but she's not capable doing so as she was struggling to hold her emotions together. Eventually, she broke down, and ran to the auditorium. 
    'Glee' - 'The Quarterback'
    'Glee' - 'The Quarterback'
    Her 'full' performance of If I Die Young. 

    7. Santana and Kurt time alone. She tells Kurt of the nicest thing she wanted to tell in front of the whole club, but she chickened out. Kurt wrapped Finn's Letterman Jacket around Santana right after she politely asked him to leave her alone. :'(

    8. Puck's powerful emotion during No Surrender performance, and..Sue's confession. She said dat she would see herself and Finn in thirty years time, teaching in the same school, and that he has so much potential. 

    9. Ms. Lea Michele EFFORTLESSLY TOPPED the emotional performance of Make You Feel My Love. :'( nangis lagi. Seriously, semua orang pun voted out, that this is by far Lea's most emotional performance in Glee. Respect her, singing this song, bout not only on-set couple, but real-life couple, her other half, who is now dead, and have to bring back the memories on set. Even the crew are having hard times shooting this eps. 
    Again, they hugged it out, after Puck replant the memorial tree for Finn. 
    10. And, the eps ended with AT LAST! Mr. Schue's crying while holding dearly to the Letterman Jacket and Emma's calming him down. *dua2 nangis teruk kut. Make it three, cause I nangis jugak!

    All and all, this is one of the very memorable and yet emotional eps Glee have ever made. Other than, Night of Neglect, and Funeral in Season 2, On My Way and Goodbye in Season 3, and of course, Break Up and Shooting Star in Season 4. Trust me, all of this eps are so much closer to heart if you watch them repeatedly. Like I did. 

    I would say, eventho I don't even know Cory personally, but his character resolves around Glee, and I've been following the show since day 1, and more or less of it, I do felt his existence. *sob2. R.I.P Cory. 

    Good Job Glee Casts and Crew for the beautiful eps. :') thumbs up. 
    The 10 Most Heartbreaking Moments on Glee's Farewell to Cory Monteith eps : The Quarterback
    Some photos credit to : Socialitelife.com 

    Sorry the vids and the pics and the words are here and there, messy kan? Maaf ya. 

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