• .:: Cabaran : 1 minggu-10 fakta :: 2 ::.

    Yup-we've come to d second series of ma Challenge ! 1 week-10 facts Challenge. U guys already knew d first FOUR FACTS of maself, rite on !

    no 5 - Anasyg is VERY CHOOSY about CLOTHING, n almost anyone who would like to go shop with me knew ma habit, I'll take about half an hour just to WINDOW SHOP d whole stores n another half an hour to find d rite one, dat doesn't count when I'm bargaining for D BEST PRICE ! n dat will take forever. D best part is dat, when u shop with me, tell me ur LIST! so dat we wouldn't have to wander around checkin out unnecessary things, AGREE ? So when I know what u n I were suppose to buy, then we'll straight ahead. Even though I'm choosy about clothing, but when it comes to d SIMPLEST, I'll take Bundle.

    no 6 - NOT A SMOKER ! Staining Malfunction Olover Kidney End up Rotten :: dat says it all, RITE ? what benefit do you get when u are smoking ? Feeling M.A.C.H.O ? Making Anasyg Choked n Hay wiring ma Organs, dats Macho for Smoking for  me. Second ? Everyone ? Hehe ... nothing much to talk about this fact, it is world wide known as d SILENT KILLER, so dat alone Terrifies me. Stop Smokin people !

    p/s : Please be RESPONSIBLE to ur Borrowed Organs 

    no 7 - what will you do when you saw A SNAKE ? Horrifying scene ? Hell Scared ? Pee in ur Pants ? Well here's another fact about Anasyg :: Had Killed Two Snakes :: Am I proud wit dat ? HELL NO ! It was a HORRIBLE ACT ever. But dats d truth though. Once when I'm in Form 4, ma sister was a busy laundrywoman at dat day when suddenly she screamed for snake underneath d washing machine. I'm not trying to be d hero here but, Ma second brother was there too, he grab the shovel (on time weapon :p) n he knocked d snake thrice I think, (I don't remember much) then he ask me to KILL D SNAKE ! O MA G, Long story short - I killed d snake - I'm sorry sneaky lil snake (well he's not little btw). Dump him at the Trash Hole far back of ma house :: dat is near d bushes.

    On d second time, dat 'thing' was WANDERING around in ma father's room. Dis guy I gotta tell ya, VERY MUSCULAR ! After again - shouted by ma sister (she got dat SNAKE-EYES nickname after a lot of snakes she founds out in d house) ma father blocked his way from getting into the back of d wardrobe, or else, he maybe nesting back there (errr ... Goosebump), after dat, I had to finish the guy once n for all.

    p/s : TO ALL SNAKES around ma neighborhood, please NO TRESPASSING nearby ok ! 

    no 8 - I used to be AN ACTIVE PS2-GAMERS ADDICTED ! yup- ma bad, BECAUSE OF DAT DAMN PS2 ! Haha, I kinda off d line with ma BOOKS, not now. Back there when I'm in Form 3,4 n 5. Shush, ouh y Mr.PlayStation 2 ? y did u came all of d sudden when I'm about to face ma Major Exams ? Frankly speaking > as in Factual Speaking, I did cross d line when once I played for 5 hours non-stop (oops, revealed , ahaks) Among ma fav games are : Fatal Frame 1,2,3 , Samurai Warriors 1,2,3,4 n etc, Devils King, Sims 1,2,3 n so much more. 

    No 9 ? well ... let's wait together-gether :: C ya in Two days time.

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    1. fuiyooooo !brninye.....

    2. zira : tak la berani, mana ad, serius geli la, dan TAKOT tu yg paling penting, tapi kalo da terpaksa, kena ar gak